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Enbridge (Canada): Line 9 shut down again… arrestees would enjoy your support

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From Revolution News

By Mike Roy on 12/21/2015

For the second time in as many weeks activists in Canada have occupied and shut down Line 9 Endbridge’s  300,000 barrel per day oil pipe line. This action effectively shuts down the flow of bitumen oil from the Alberta Tar Sands into into the United States.

The activists arrived at the Endbridge site just West of Sarnia, Ontario at 8AM and proceeded with closing the valve and locking themselves to the equipment.

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Sean Swain’s statement for June 11

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(Whoever gets this please spread widely)

« You are the Resistance » podcast:

My name is Sean Swain and I’m speaking to you from a payphone at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville Ohio, the site of the longest prisoner uprising in US history*. I currently reside in the block where that uprising began, L5 and my cell still has the scorch marks on the walls from more than twenty years ago. I think the authorities leave the burn marks to remind all of us prisoners that they won.
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Like Thorns Rising at Dawn

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A new autonomous media collective rises: L’Aube épine

On s'ennuie des ronces...

For this occasion, the first edition of a zine appears. This one is dedicated to the struggles for the Earth and for its peoples all around the world.

It’s available on the collective’s blog:

This is a presentation of the collective and its zine, but equally a call to join us!

Capitalism has always been after new territories to loot or develop. For quenching its insatiable thirst for resources, the industry is ready to use all the means. Because it is essential for it to be always more producing, to augment its energetic capacity, to develop the fluxes of merchandise, to exploit even more the lands, the seas and the beings… Its imperialism is condemning us to a mediocre and uniform world, as much at the scale of human societies than of the natural milieus. The political rulers, accomplices or actors of this destruction , are threatening those who oppose it, jailing and assassinating. From their palaces, they are cautioning if not organizing the genocide of many peoples whose existence is intimately tied to their environmental milieu.
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Fire to the Prisons is back! More fire is needed!

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(click to download PDF)

New edition Fire to the Prisons… after 4 years of hiatus

« I’m not fucking around », Freedom or death

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Update: Sean « reappears »… only to be sent, along with 37 other inmates, to Ohio’s most infamous prison (new contact and letter campaign details on the site)

Listen to the latest podcast to listen to Sean: You Are The Resistance

With fascist fuckweasels ignoring his hungerstrike, anarchist prisoner Sean Swain has vowed to refuse his blood pressure medication, beginning February 9. This medication keeps his blood pressure regulated. To stop taking this medication “cold turkey” is extremely dangerous, as it could cause a spike in blood pressure which can lead to heart attack, stroke or aneurysm.
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« Luddites » conduct solidarity sabotages in southeast Quebec

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Des « Luddites » font des sabotages solidaires dans le sud du Québec

We retransmit this message sent to us from visitors… On retransmet ce message qui nous a été envoyé par des lecteurs-rices…

Anti-industrial sabotage in the Eastern Townships (Qc)

Brief resume of this communique: A railroad telecom cable was burned and three residential development panels vandalised in response to an eviction of Native resister in Gatineau and in solidarity with the 5E3, somewhere in southern K-bekk.

Full version:

So the other night on September 21, we’ve set fire to a railroad telecomm cable linking Brigham to Sherbrooke (Qc) to the US, thinking about the Algonquins people recently evicted from a resistance camp and detained in Gatineau. We took the time to select a railway bridge in the middle of nowhere near Waterloo, so we’d not have to dig to get to the cables or attract too much attention. Some fuel was dropped through an opening in the steel casing of the cables, then set on fire. Nothing fancy. It worked better as we’d guessed, as a few seconds later it already smelled burning rubber a few meters away. The enclosed air in the conduct apparently turned the fire into something like a blow torch. Kind of easy game to be reproduced elsewhere by others, we told ourselves… so that’s a reason to let others know.

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« Rebel! Rebuild! Rewild! »: Camp d’action de trois jours sur territoire non-cédé Algonquin

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Se rebeller ! Reconstruire ! Retourner à l’état naturel !

18 au 20 août 2014


Chères/chers éco-guerrières/éco-guerriers, défenseuses/défenseurs de la terre, jardinières/jardiniers de la guérilla, survivalistes, radicales amoureuses/radicaux amoureux de la nature et libres penseuses/libres penseurs,

Nous vivons au beau milieu d’une longue tempête faite de crises – changements climatiques, extinctions massives, acidification des océans, pic pétrolier, vol de terres, guerre des classes, etc. Harper voit le Canada comme une vaste colonie de ressources, où les ressources naturelles sont exploitées le plus rapidement possiblement pour satisfaire l’appétit de profit des plus grandes corporations de ce monde.

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