Like Thorns Rising at Dawn

A new autonomous media collective rises: L’Aube épine

On s'ennuie des ronces...

For this occasion, the first edition of a zine appears. This one is dedicated to the struggles for the Earth and for its peoples all around the world.

It’s available on the collective’s blog:

This is a presentation of the collective and its zine, but equally a call to join us!

Capitalism has always been after new territories to loot or develop. For quenching its insatiable thirst for resources, the industry is ready to use all the means. Because it is essential for it to be always more producing, to augment its energetic capacity, to develop the fluxes of merchandise, to exploit even more the lands, the seas and the beings… Its imperialism is condemning us to a mediocre and uniform world, as much at the scale of human societies than of the natural milieus. The political rulers, accomplices or actors of this destruction , are threatening those who oppose it, jailing and assassinating. From their palaces, they are cautioning if not organizing the genocide of many peoples whose existence is intimately tied to their environmental milieu.

But everywhere or almost, a portion of the people is becoming aware of the future that awaits us. These last years, the large-scale revolts have shaken many countries. From France, it seems difficult to be optimistic, in times where fascism is progressing, when police and judiciary repression intensifies… But at the planetary scale, experiences of struggle and self-management are multiplying, and it is a phenomenon that amplifies as it goes. We’ve got to link these experiences together, to share and transmit them. That is the objective of this zine. Make struggles all around the world be known, exploit the complementarity of our means of action and expression and provoke explosions of solidarity.

You will find the founding edition of L’Aube épine directed towards struggle in defense of the Earth. Knowingly, we have turned our research and outreach toward these struggles as it is beforehand what appears to us to be the most federative. Even if the majority doesn’t have the awareness, everyone is concerned at the very bottom of themselves about the attacks carried against ecosystems and biodiversity. These are therefore struggles that gather many different mindsets, different courses of actions, different hopes. And far from dividing these struggles, diversity is what amplifies the power animating these. For as an instance, the environmental struggles were previously always and almost solely tainted with nonviolence, yet we have already noticed that, as with the ZAD, violent action and resistance can unite themselves to nonviolence disobedience in a decisive manner. Complementarity is a strength (where socially-enforced divisions are an obvious weakness).

By transmitting the hopes that every struggle provides us, it is equally clear to us that ties will be built. That an even larger solidarity may be born between those fighting against imperialism. That the persons that are sensitive yet still away from being disturbances to capitalism could get on the move if they’d become aware of their possibilities.

In that sense, L’Aube épine has a vocation of being translated in a maximum of langages. Feel free to spread it as you deem proper and translate it in any langage there is. No copyrights, obviously.

Also, this first edition should not be the last. We are looking for people to write, draw, create in an upcoming edition. We are looking also for people to tell about a struggle or experience they have lived, or for maintaining a correspondence with people in a place of struggle.

L’Aube épine neither has the vocation to restrict itself to a zine. In a not-too-distance future, we’d hope to launch initiatives in term of autonomous media in written, audio, video forms. We already are working to develop concrete solidarities between different countries and continents.

Write to us, join us!! For contacting or sending us what you desire in terms of infos, articles or translations :

laubepine at

Warm hugs to all the persons that fight and will be fighting in the future.

Be wild.


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