Enbridge (Canada): Line 9 shut down again… arrestees would enjoy your support


From Revolution News

By Mike Roy on 12/21/2015

For the second time in as many weeks activists in Canada have occupied and shut down Line 9 Endbridge’s  300,000 barrel per day oil pipe line. This action effectively shuts down the flow of bitumen oil from the Alberta Tar Sands into into the United States.

The activists arrived at the Endbridge site just West of Sarnia, Ontario at 8AM and proceeded with closing the valve and locking themselves to the equipment.


Line 9 is a highly contested tar sands pipeline that began shipping crude earlier this month between Sarnia and Montreal. Those involved assert that the operation of line 9 is a violation of indigenous sovereignty and treaty rights.

Enbridge’s Line 9 puts the health of millions of people in Quebec and Ontario at risk by threatening the drinking water of numerous communities. This 40-year-old pipeline crosses multiple rivers and major watercourses, including Lake Ontario and the St. Clair River which drains from Lake Huron into Lake St Clair between the Canadian province of Ontario and the U.S. state of Michigan.



This morning three brave friends, Vanessa Gray from Anishinaabek Nation
and two allies, shut down ‪#‎Line9‬. Without the consent of Indigenous
peoples, Enbridge’s line 9 pumps deadly bitumen through Anishinaabek,
Haudenosaunee, Lenape, and Métis territories between Aamijiwnaang and
Kahnawake. Very serious criminal charges have been laid against all
three, details of which will be announced soon.

Protecting Mother Earth and water is not a crime, it is a

In times of repression, we encourage folks to stand together and show
support – not just in words, but in actions. Court is disempowering and
a tool the state will always try and use against us. Only active
solidarity can counter that repression.

Solidarity actions are encouraged! Websites with helpful info include
https://dissemination.noblogs.org/ and pipeleaks.org.

Please make it a priority to attend the bail hearings of Vanessa, Sarah
and Stone and donate funds towards legal costs where possible.

Bail hearings will be held Tuesday December 22, 2015 at 10:00am at the
Sarnia courthouse, located at:

700 Christina St N, Sarnia, ON N7V 3C2.

Please send email transfers to stopline9@gmail.com

Password: solidarity


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