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March 15th: the vengeance… « Fight the Police! »

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A compilation of three texts published on Sabotagemedia about last week’s riot against Police violence and the events that led to it…

Part 1: A Day of Struggle in Montreal: Innu solidarity, citizen-cops, wild protest and the pigs revenge

On Monday, March 12th, a chain of events has spanned for the whole day until late in the night.

It all began early in the day with a protest in solidarity with the Innu  people who recently suffered repression from the SQ (provincial police) in their blockade of road 138 against the Hydro-Québec projects on their land. The protest of about 150 people started at Square Phillips at around 12:30 to go in front of the offices of Hydro-Quebec (where cops obviously were blocking the doors) by chanting slogans like « North Plan, Death Plan », « No Quebec, No Canada, Death to all States » while distributing leaflets on the North Plan to pedestrians. After a few speeches the people then moved to the administrative offices of the UQAM and from this point the street in front of the building was occupied with a crowd that kept growing in numbers -as a reaction to the news of a lock-out of UQAM- all up until the night where a « Creation Night » event had been planned.

In Montreal, white walls are a common denominator to fascist landlords and the wider bureaucratic patriarchy... but from another angle, blank canvases waiting to be painted

During this Creation Night, some were painting on the street, others played music, among others local band « Mise en Demeure » have played a full set of songs making fun at pacifists and cops. Many were drinking beer sitting on a part of the furniture from the UQAM building ended up in the street; chairs, desks, tables and sofas.

Around 11 PM, tension has started to rise as the citizen-cops started to attempt a clean up and enforcing the law to « put back things at their place » as others kept taking the furniture out in the street. A person ripped chairs from the hands of a hooded comrade and attempted to rip his mask off, which got him a well-deserved punch in the face. It’s simple : if you act like cops you are joining the enemy so you will be treated as such. Wanna play cops? Face the consequences.

After a short confrontation between the citizen-cops and the masked men, a crowd of about 200 people detached itself and went strolling in the street shouting anti-pacifist slogans and leaving on their tracks many walls and one cop car covered with anti-police and circled A graffiti. When the crowd arrived near the building of La Presse -the most mainstream bourgeois, reactionary newspaper in Quebec, one of Quebec’s « Fourth Branch » of the State- its windows we shattered to bits (the news outlet itself was forced to report on it… downplaying it as a mere « isolated » act… of +200 protesters!) and once more the citizen-cops or undercovers -the only difference being their paycheck- showed up and attacked a masked comrade, but this time the masked people fought back collectively and, defending their comrades, pushed back the attack. The crowd then dispersed not long after with any arrests, even though there are rumors that one was arrested during the protest.

A bit later at around 1 AM, about fifteen people who were chilling out drinking beer in a collective space received a visit from an entire cops squad. The situation quickly escalated seemingly after a bottle of beer was seen outside (???). Many people were sprayed, about twenty cops rushed in aggressively as if it was a raid, with batons in their hands, some in riot gear and with a dog. There has been five arrests. Outside the riot squad was deployed for dispersing the people who gathered at the street corner.

Social war and complicity!

Citizen-cops fuck off!

Part 2: Kidnapping, pre-emptive arrests and Hollywood-style fascism

This is related to events that happened on March 15th, a few hours before the anti-police protest that became famous in the media these last few days.

On March 15h, around Noon, a comrade was kidnapped by policemen in plain clothes as she was doing her morning jugging run near her place, in the Hochelaga neighborhood. As she was exiting a backstreet, her run was interrupted par the arrival of a grey family minivan. A tall and muscular man came out of the minivan. At the same time, another car rushed in diagonally, and a third one, from behind in the backstreet. Our comrade was cornered. The tall and muscular man addressed her by saying : « Hi ***, I am an agent of the Montrea Police departement. You’re under arrest, we have a warrant against you. You must follow us. »

Our comrade then answer : Who are you? What is your warrant? Why are you arresting me? Where are you taking me? » as the undercover cop was putting her handcuffs, right in the street. Our comrade screamed in the hope of being heard by pedestrians. Two minutes later, she was in the mini-van, on its way to the East Operations Center escorted by two undercover cops who refused to explain the motives of her arrest warrant. In fact, they completely ignored what these were.

Arrived at the Est Operations Center, cops seem confused on the motives of the arrest warrant. Our friend called her lawyer, who tries to set the records straight. Her and the lawyer are bot amazed, since her judicial file was up to date.

At last, the cops reveal the motives of this warrant. It was about a warrant related to her absence at the court during an order that was to happen a month and a half back, on January 31st 2012, over a bullshit breach of condition that happened on September 12th 2011. Our friend and her lawyer both ignored the existence of this alleged court appointment. Hence why she did not show up. Following her absence at this alleged date of court, an arrest warrant was emitted against her, on February 2012. (We are sorry for the ambiguity of details… our friend desires to not expose her criminal record too openly).

A month and a half has passed and now it’s March 15th, international day against police brutality, that this warrant has been used.

It’s by meeting with the chief in(ve)stigator for the operations of repression planned for controlling the protest on March 15th that our comrade was confirmed that her arrest was linked to the March 15th demo.

The man in question was named inspector D’Amour (or L’Amour). Bragging to have 28 years of experience in the police, this bastard said to be in charge for the case of the March 15th protest and confirmed to our friend that the targeted arrests would be part of this years repression of this year’s protest. So, these morons waited for March 15th to use their warrant against our friend (a legally obtained warrant, but that was completely unnecessary in this context and was openly used to intimidate her). The next morning, on March 16th, our friend was brought to municipal court, where a judge released her under the promise that she would be present at every upcoming court orders.

According to our comprehension, the undercover cop cars were parked in front of our friend’s residence waiting for her to get out, for a period of time we don’t know, so they’d then be stalking her.

We also know that there are other places/persons who are being followed, watched, taken pictures of. We’re not intent to feed paranoia, but want to share this experience so each and everyone stays vigilant. These morons have nothing better to do in their lives than stalk us in our everyday life. Fuck them.

This scene was worthy of a Hollywood movie. As far as we know, there has been other targeted arrests, but none of this kind. So it’s very important to make this info spread because the situation is very worrying. These filthy cops must know that their intimidation tactics does not impress us and that, together, our though hearts are stronger than everything.

Part3: March 15th, a Night of Reckoning

On the evening of March 15 (international day against police brutality) in Montreal, although riot pigs were all over, they clearly lost control of the city center for several hours.

Already in the afternoon, the Berri-UQAM station was filled with riot cops inside and outside, the sky with helicopters, patrols of pigs in the streets and later riot squads and horsemen. Even with this display of force they weren’t up to the task. Proof that here as elsewhere revolt is more than possible. We can even thank in part the cops on Thursday for the riot, they fed it and gave it strength.

They gave it strength when they charged the demo of a few thousand people on Sherbrooke after twenty minutes of sloganeering and anti-cop graffiti, which resulted in several pacifist hippie parasites and the self-described students with the bourgeois leftist mentality to go home. The ones who wanted more than to take a walk wondering what the fuck they were doing in another pathetic ritual of slogans, divided into smaller mobile groups that dispersed and reformed to fucked shit up all night long.

The cops also fueled it when they attacked with their arsenal the people downtown, on St Catherine. From then on the rage was unleashed on the streets. There were probably also many bored young people who are regularly targets of profiling and saw there a great opportunity for their turn to piss on the cops and it wasn’t to long for it to come. As this same line of cops was advancing they took a volley of stones, bottles and a molotov and in an attempt to block the road further, the riot pigs fled from the crowd coming on each side. Moments later, while bins were flying down the street and into a few shop windows, the crowd fell on a brand new cop car, pigs included. The car was attacked with projectiles and you could see the terror and panic in the face of the two cops as they fled the crowd charging on the car. Later a vandalized cop car was flipped over.

By late evening a crowd gathered again at the Berri Square, where it had all begun, to leave once again. It’s when the crowd dispersed to Maisonneuve and Ontario that the cops surrounded people on the sidewalk to make a mass arrest. They held the crowd of about 200 people surrounded for several hours and then filled some buses and took them to a police station in Langelier, far from downtown, where they proceeded to identify people and give them tickets for “gathering endangering peace” and release them, but not before having photographed them one-by-one. There was also during the day and evening several random arrests and others targeted.

March 15th is everyday!

The hatred for this rotten world and its cops, we carry it every single day!

Translated by Anabraxas  (« To the victor goes the spoils of war, fuckers! »)

and Sabotagemedia

Articles originaux en Français ici, ici et ici

La ALF libère des faisans d’un Camp de la mort industriel en Oregon

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de Pudget Sound Anarchists

« La nuit dernière, cette nuit du 14 mars, nous avons infiltré la propriété de Queener Ridge Pheasant Company (40485 Queener Dr, Scrio, OR) qui élève industriellement des faisans à collier, surtout pour être tués dans des parties de chasse en boîte (vieille pratique européenne, typiquement lâche et aristocratique, transplantée en Amérique). Après avoir sauté une clôture de barbelés, nous nous somes faufilés jusqu’à la bâtisse centrale où nous avons démantelé une vaste section d’une volière qui retenait entre 75 à 150 faisans; les libérants dans le ciel nocturne. Quoique le nombre d’animaux libérés représentait seulement une mince fraction des milliers qui y sont retenus captifs dasn cette ferme, nous croyons que chaque vie sauvée -peu importe dans quelle proportion- est une victoire.

Les faisants à collier sont une espèce naturalisée dans cette région et spécifiquement élevés pour retenir leurs caractéristiques et instincts, or nous n’avons pas de doute que ces animaux peuvent survivre dans la forêt uen fois relâchés. Autrement condamnés à une vie d’emprisonnement et de brutalité, ces animaux conscients ont maintenant la chance de se battre pour leur survie.

Pour une industrie dont la seule raison d’être est d’infliger de la violcnce contre des animaux sensibles pour le divertissement et le plaisir, le seul choix éthique que nous pouvons faire est de laisser les animaux en liberté.

Contre toute domination,
–Animal Liberation Front

Matériel pour diffusion… partout où vous jugez bon!

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La colonisation continue... son opposition aussi!


Feu aux corpos collabos du développement de la civilisation

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Saint-Martin-d’Hères : un incendie signé No TAV ?

Cette nuit vers 3 heures du matin, une entreprise de travaux publics a été victime d’un incendie criminel.

Il s’agit de Spie Batignolles, rue de Champ Roman à Saint-Martin d’Hères. Un camion a été incendié. Les flammes se sont ensuite propagées à un autre poids lourd puis au bâtiment, qui a été endommagé. Une inscription « collabos du Tav » a été découverte sur le site. Ce tag fait référence à un mouvement italien d’opposants au projet de TGV Lyon-Turin.

L’entreprise de travaux publics a travaillé sur le chantier de la descenderie de la Praz, un chantier lié au projet ferroviaire et qui s’est achevé en 2009.

Le 3 mars dernier, une inscription similaire avait été découverte après des actes de sabotage survenus sur les lignes SNCF près de Chambéry et qui avaient perturbé la circulation des trains vers les stations de ski, en plein week-end de chassé-croisé.

Deux jours plus tôt, à Lyon, des opposants au TGV Lyon-Turin avaient endommagé des caténaires entre les gares de Jean-Macé et de Perrache, dans le centre-ville, qui avaient bloqué la circulation des trains durant une heure et demie.

Dans le nord de l’Italie, à Chianoccho, treize membres des forces de l’ordre ont par ailleurs été blessés ce même jour au cours d’affrontements avec des opposants au TGV Lyon-Turin qui avaient bloqué une fraction d’autoroute pendant plusieurs jours.

Source: Jura libertaire

Plan Nord: l’anti-émeute de la Sûreté du Québec attaque les Innus sur la 138

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Conseils de bande, État colonialiste, capitalistes… un triangle amoureux!
Une injonction de la Cour Supérieure donnait jusqu’à 17 heure, ce soir, aux Innus, pour lever le blocus qui était établi depuis le 5 mars contre les véhicules lourds et de transport se dirigeant vers le chantier de La Romaine. Le litige a trait à la construction illégale par Hydro-Québec de la ligne de transport du chantier de La Romaine, sans même qu’un accord ait été réalisé avec la communauté autochtone. Depuis le début de celui-ci, le Conseil de bande n’a pas cessé d’envoyer des appels à la fin du blocage et a poursuivi ses discussions avec le Ministère des Affaires autochtones. Revendiquant son autonomie du Conseil de bande, le blocus s’est poursuivi – et le gouvernement a préféré jouer de la matraque plutôt que de trouver un terrain d’entente satisfaisant avec les gens qui contestent (tout comme avec les étudiant-e-s). Or, voici que vers 18 heure, l’escouade antiémeute a attaqué le blocus et démantelé la tente qui était montée sur la route. Dix arrestations, dont une majorité de femmes, ont été dénombrées. Près de 200 personnes en colères étaient sur place pour refuser l’exploitation sans scrupule. Il est inutile de dire que la colère ne se mate pas à coup de matraque et que les membres du Conseil de bande de ces communautés ont de quoi avoir honte cette nuit. Pensent-ils réellement qu’Hydro-Québec pourra à présent construire illégalement ses lignes de transport sur les territoires ancestraux du Nitassinan en paix? Au moment d’écrire ces lignes, déjà, des Innus de Pessamit réaliseraient à leur tour un blocus sur la Route 138.
Pour ceux et celles présent-e-s à Montréal lundi prochain, nous vous convions à la manifestation du Collectif Solidaire Anti-Colonial. Démontrons notre solidarité avec les Innus face au harcèlement juridique d’Hydro-Québec et à l’arrogance de l’État québécois.
Rassemblement au Carré Phillips (métro McGill), Montréal à 12 heure, lundi.
Source: Collectif Emma Goldman

Manif de solidarité avec les Innus contre le Plan Nord! / Solidarity Demo with the Innu against the North Plan

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Manifestation contre le Plan Nord et en solidarité avec le blocus Innu sur le 138

Lundi 12 mars, 12h Carré Phillips (métro McGill)

Depuis presque une semaine, les Innus de Uashat mak Mani-Utenam bloquent la route 138, empêchant les véhicules d’Hydro-Québec de se rendre jusqu’auchantier de la Romaine, où Hydro-Québec tente à construire quatre barrages sur la rivière Romaine. Les lignes de transport du projet traverseront le territoire traditionnel des Innus de Uashat mak Mani-Utenam. Jeudi dernier, quatre personnes ont reçu une injonction de la Cour supérieure du Québec, exigée par Hydro-Québec afin de mettre fin au blocage. La SQ s’apprête à réprimer les manifestantEs. Les barrages proposés fournira de l’électricité pour les raffineries d’aluminium et les projets miniers dans le cadre du Plan Nord, plan du gouvernement du Québec de ravager le nord du Québec, avec le développement de nombreux projets écologiquement dévastateurs planifié sur le territoire Innu, le Nitassinan, sans leur consentement .

Démontrons notre solidarité face au harcèlement juridique d’Hydro-Québec et à l’arrogance de l’État québécois. Opposons-nous à la répression policière annoncée de la SQ. Unissons-nous avec les Innus dans la défense de leur terre!


Demonstration Against the Plan Nord and in Solidarity with the Innu Blockade of the 138

Monday March 12th, 12pm Phillips Square (McGill Metro)

For almost a week, Innu from Uashat mak Mani-Utenam and supporters have been blocking Highway 138, preventing vehicles from Hydro-Quebec from going to the Romaine River, where Hydro-Québec is building of four hydro-electric dams and electrical transmission lines that will pass through the traditional territory of the Innu of Uashat mak Mani-Utenam. On Thursday four people received an injunction from the Superior Court of Quebec to end the blockade, filed by Hydro-Québec. The Sûreté du Québec is now preparing to crack down on the blockaders. The proposed dam will provide electricity for aluminum refineries and mining projects as part of the Plan Nord, the Québec government’s plan to ravage northern Québec, with many ecologically devastating projects slated for development on Innu territory, Nitassinan, without the consent of the Innu people.

Demonstrate our solidarity in the face of legal harassment by Hydro-Québec and the arrogance of the Québec state. Resist the police repression announced by the SQ. Unite with the Innu for the defense of their land!

Source: Grève Montréal

« Manif coup de poing » à Lyon en solidarité avec Luca et la lutte du Val de Suse

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De Jura Libertaire

La lutte contre le Lyon-Turin bloque les trains à la Part-Dieu (Lyon)

Vers 13h30, ce jeudi, une trentaine de personnes, le visage dissimulé, a fait irruption sur les rails entre les gares de Jean-Macé et Perrache et jeté des projectiles sur les caténaires. Si la circulation des trains reprend progressivement, le trafic a subi d’importantes perturbations.

Ils étaient une trentaine, encagoulés, courant sur les voies entre les gares de Jean-Macé et de Perrache. À l’aide de sacs ou ballons lestés, ils ont visé les caténaires avant de disparaître.

Les trains en provenance de la gare de la Part-Dieu et en direction du sud se sont retrouvés bloqués dans l’agglomération lyonnaise. De même que ceux au départ de Perrache et en direction du nord. Des agents de la SNCF se sont aussitôt rendus sur place et tentaient de réparer les dégâts au plus vite.

Si vers 14h30 le trafic redémarrait peu à peu, d’importantes perturbations dans la circulation ferroviaire demeuraient.

Des forces de l’ordre ont été dépêchées sur les lieux mais on ignore à cette heure le sens de cette manifestation coup de poing.

Leur presse (, 1er mars 2012)

Les médias, qui reprennent tous à peu près cette dépêche, semblent tout ignorer de la lutte actuelle contre le Lyon-Turin, alors qu’elle a pris une tournure dramatique dimanche, quand un opposant italien est tombé d’un pylone sur lequel il avait grimpé pour échapper aux flics, lors d’une énième action. Les actions d’opposition à la ligne à grande vitesse Lyon-Turin durent du côté italien depuis des années, principalement menées par les habitant-e-s du Val Susa, sans qu’ils ne soient jamais entendu-e-s par le gouvernement italien.

Une banderole en soutien à la lutte du Val Susa, et en opposition au Lyon-Turin, aurait ainsi été déployée lors de l’action, depuis un pont SNCF près de la route de Vienne (info reçue via la privacybox de Rebellyon).

P.-S. : Ça permis aussi de retarder l’arrivée de Pécresse et Wauquiez et inquiéter Hollande (gros meeting ce soir à Lyon). C’est toujours ça de gagné.

Hier déjà une action a eu lieu à Lyon.

CKUT radio: Gitz Crazyboy on the tar sands

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Years of big dirty money for global corporate crooks, devastating machinery of massive Earth rape; dispossessed Natives, demoralized by crack, abuse, bought silence; and the land & rivers polluted to ludicrous levels; this is what Canada looks like…

"Canada: a country of vast spaces & beautiful wilderness!" (from a tourist pamphlet)

Here’s an interview with kindigenous youth activist Gitz Crazyboy from Fort Chipewyan, speaking in Montreal. This interview details the environmental impacts of the Alberta tar sands on surrounding ecosystems and water ways like the Athabasca River.

In this interview Crazyboy also details first hand experiences of the health challenges facing indigenous communities close to the major tar sands operations, specifically in Fort Chipewyan and Fort MacKay. Also this interview highlights the complicity of the current Conservative government in the tar sands industry.

For more information on indigenous opposition to the tar sands visit the Indigenous Environment Network at

Source article

Italy: these last few days in the « No Tav » struggle

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A summary of the latest events Baita Clarea is an area in Val Susa where works for the implementation of the TAV were due to start soon. On Monday 27th February the forces of order proceeded to evict and expropriate the land in Baita Clarea in order to clear the way for the devastating high speed railway works. On the same day Luca Abba’, a resident of the Val Susa whose land was also expropriated, climbed a pylon in an attempt to block the ongoing military operation. The cops ordered Luca to come down without taking precautions for his safety, pushing him even higher and failing to cut off the electricity of the pylon. As a result, Luca was electrocuted and fell several metres below. Rescue was delayed by cordons of antiriot cops but finally Luca was taken to hospital by helicopter. He is now out of danger although his conditions remain very serious.

Barricades were set up by NO TAV people in the area, which has been declared a ‘strategic site of national interest’.
Protests and blockages are being organized all over Italy.
The faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Bologna has been occupied in solidarity with the struggle in Val Susa. Here is the communiqué of the occupiers:


On 27th February 2012 the military machinery of the State attacked the people of Val Susa, by expropriating and destroying lands with bulldozers and truncheons, in order to carry on the insane project for the construction of the TAV.

Among the NO TAV activists who opposed the invasion Luca, a comrade whose land was expropriated by the CMC Company, climbed a pylon to block the advance of the bulldozers.

As cops tried to pull him down, Luca continued to climb the pylon until he was electrocuted by a 15,000 volts electric shock and fell down to the ground.

In spite of the fact that rescue was hampered for almost an hour by cordons of antiriot cops, Luca is now out of danger, even if his conditions remain very serious.

But this is not enough to placate our anger!!! That pylon should have been insulated, police knew this but didn’t do anything, on the contrary they pushed Luca even higher.


It is therefore clear how chief police Manganelli declared war to the valley and to all the people who are resisting, when a few days ago, plainly speaking, he said there would be a dead in Val Susa.

The area of the yard has been declared ‘strategic site of national interest’, which means military occupation and legitimizes unconditional recourse to the violence of the State.

The people of the valley and others in solidarity have immediately occupied the highway close to the yard in different spots, so as to block the access of both the forces of order and the TAV workers.

Since the first hours a great number of diversified actions of solidarity have been carried out in 26 cities [around 80 by now], thus provoking damages and disruptions to the TAV traffic all over the country.

Moreover the solidarity attack went beyond the sector of transport, like all the workers who went on strike on the same morning.

We are aware of the fact that the high speed railway goes across the entire country and that the NO TAV is not confined to the Val Susa and to a single project.



NO TAV solidarity from Bologna, Tuesday 28th February 2012.

Source: 325 (a proxy, or Tor, is recommended to view this site)

No TAV info site (Italian)