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Like Thorns Rising at Dawn

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A new autonomous media collective rises: L’Aube épine

On s'ennuie des ronces...

For this occasion, the first edition of a zine appears. This one is dedicated to the struggles for the Earth and for its peoples all around the world.

It’s available on the collective’s blog:

This is a presentation of the collective and its zine, but equally a call to join us!

Capitalism has always been after new territories to loot or develop. For quenching its insatiable thirst for resources, the industry is ready to use all the means. Because it is essential for it to be always more producing, to augment its energetic capacity, to develop the fluxes of merchandise, to exploit even more the lands, the seas and the beings… Its imperialism is condemning us to a mediocre and uniform world, as much at the scale of human societies than of the natural milieus. The political rulers, accomplices or actors of this destruction , are threatening those who oppose it, jailing and assassinating. From their palaces, they are cautioning if not organizing the genocide of many peoples whose existence is intimately tied to their environmental milieu.
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« Death to nationalism »! Workers revolt against EUconomics in Bosnia

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Protests Across Bosnia Are A “Collective Nervous Breakdown”


Anarchists in the Bosninan Uprising, an excellent, in-depth coverage by CrimethInc

Malatesta’s blog coverage of the events, and other articles

from Balkanist

“He who sows hunger reaps anger” warned the red graffiti on a Sarajevo government building this week. The message hinted at the depth of poverty and disillusionment in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) that has driven people to join demonstrations across the divided country, where the unemployment rate is about 40 percent. Protesters have since stormed and ransacked government buildings in Tuzla, Zenica, Mostar, and in the capital city of Sarajevo, where the headquarters of the presidency was also set ablaze. Some protesters allegedly threw firecrackers and stones at police, who responded with rubber bullets and tear gas. Hundreds have been injured. On Friday, activist Darko Brkan called the protests “a collective nervous breakdown”.

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Bank of America branch set on fire in Seattle

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SEATTLE — Arson investigators are looking into a fire that was set at a Bank of America branch early Wednesday morning in Seattle’s Madison Park neighborhood.Police officers were called to the branch in the 4100 block of East Madison Street after a bank alarm was triggered around 2 a.m. When they arrived, they found the ATM engulfed in flames and more flames just inside the building. Firefighters were called to douse the flames.Investigators say there was no sign anyone went into the bank — it looks like someone set the fire outside then left.

« ATM’s normally don’t start smoldering like this and don’t start fires like this normally, » said Kyle Moore with Seattle Fire. « And that’s definitely why we’re considering this suspicious. »

Investigators say specially-trained dogs brought in to sniff-out accelerants like gasoline, detected two suspicious scents, and that evidence is now on its way to the state crime lab.

Investigators couldn’t say yet whether the fire was related to the Occupy Seattle movement. So far, there are no suspects. (…)

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