26/4: Call to re-occupy! Hambach Forest Resistance Camp evicted

The Ham­bach Fo­rest Oc­cupa­ti­on is EVIC­TED right now!
This is where it is going to start!

Se­ver­al hund­red po­li­ce ar­ri­ved this morning, sur­roun­ding and shut­ting down the fo­rest oc­cupa­ti­on from the eyes of an­yo­ne who would like to wit­ness what is ac­tual­ly going on.

In­fra­struc­tu­re, Tre­e­hou­ses, trees, hedges, all get­ting torn apart piece by piece.
Ever­y­thing is de­s­troy­ed by loud, ob­noxious ma­chine­ry or­chestra­ted by me­ga­lo­ma­ni­acs, ope­ra­ted by igno­rant peop­le who in the end have not­hing to claim for them­sel­ves but clin­ging on to their job.
Peop­le get­ting drag­ged away, get­ting bru­ta­li­zed, get­ting vio­la­ted.

After the raid just a coup­le of days ago this is the next step in the game,
a game in which we are ahead in­deed!

April 26, 2014 is the RE-​OC­CUPA­TI­ON,
from the 12th of April on there is the SKILL-​SHARING-​CAMP which most pro­bab­ly is gonna pro­vi­de us with more skills than ori­gi­nal­ly an­ti­ci­pa­ted…

This is not the end, it is a be­gin­ning,
let’s make it hap­pen.

Ca­pi­ta­lism is the cri­sis and the strugg­le against RWE and for the Ham­bach Fo­rest is part of a big an­ti­ca­pi­ta­list fight.
Whoever is in­te­rested, whoever re­mo­te­ly thinks about the Ham­bach Fo­rest once in a while –
if pos­si­ble, come by.

Find our open arms and hearts, rise up, join the pro­test, build re­sis­tan­ce, spark re­volt –

…or do wha­te­ver de­struc­tion or crea­ti­on you see fit el­sew­he­re!
Love & So­li­da­ri­ty,

your non-​mem­bers of the in­fa­mous fes­ti­ve Bri­ga­de
« Laug­hing Black Block Ham­bach Fo­rest“

Hambach Forest

The Final Straw podcast featuring a report on the current situation at Hambach

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