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La crise nucléaire continue, de Fukushima au Nebraska

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Le scandaleux silence au sujet de Fukushima (posté sur
par Jean-Paul Baquiast et Christophe Jacquemin – 19/06/2011

Très mauvaise nouvelle. Pour le moment et compte tenu des technologies aujourd’hui disponibles, l’objectif d’empècher l’explosion nucléaire de l’ensemble du site de Fukushima paraît hors de portée alors que le processus cataclysmique ne cesse de prendre de l’ampleur.

Il y a quelques jours, des images virtuelles d’un éventuel sarcophage que Tepco pourrait installer au dessus des réacteurs en perdition de Fukushima circulaient sur les télévisions. Mais assez curieusement, il s’agissait apparemment de structures assez fragiles, quasiment en matière plastique, très éloignées des milliers de tonnes d’acier et de ciment envisagés pour remplacer l’actuel sarcophage en place à Tchernobyl. On ne voit pas comment de telles structures pourraient contenir une explosion majeure sur le site de Fukushima. Tout au plus pourraient-elles empêcher la diffusion de gaz radioactifs sous basse pression. De toutes façons, Tepco annonce que la mise en place de ces protections ne sera pas possible avant longtemps, compte tenu du niveau de contamination actuel du site.

En fait, les priorités devraient être toutes autres. Il devrait être indispensable d’empêcher dans les jours, semaines ou mois qui viennent la contamination d’une partie du Japon par les cœurs en fusion des réacteurs touchés par le tsunami. Or, très mauvaise nouvelle, pour le moment et compte tenu des technologies aujourd’hui disponibles, cet objectif paraît hors de portée alors que le processus cataclysmique ne cesse de prendre de l’ampleur. Une toute aussi mauvaise nouvelle est que, désormais, le monde entier fait silence sur le désastre mondial qui se prépare. Les conspirationnistes ne devraient pas être les seuls à s’interroger sur les raisons de ce silence.


Les inondations du Midwest Américain déclenchent une alerte nucléaire dans le Nebraska!

(suivi de presse avec images sur le lien)

26/06/2011 Centrale nucléaire de Fort Calhoun : la protection anti-inondation s’est effondrée.

L’eau entoure désormais les bâtiments auxiliaires et de confinement (en cours de développements). Eau et électricité ne vont pas ensemble !
Les générateurs de secours ont alimenté la centrale nucléaire le dimanche alors que les techniciens essayaient de rétablir le courant.
Plus tard dans la journée, l’alimentation de puissance a été restaurée.
L’effondrement de la protection n’aurait pas eu d’incidence sur le refroidissement du réacteur et celui du combustible irradié de piscine.
Cette piscine de refroidissement mesure plus de 12 mètres de haut et 12 mètres en sous-sol !
Le réacteur de Fort Calhoun est un Réacteur à Eau Pressurisée (REP – 476 MWe).
Même à l’arrêt il exige une alimentation permanente d’eau sous pression pour le refroidissement de son cœur. En cas de défaut d’alimentation en énergie électrique des pompes du système de refroidissement, il se produira rapidement une surchauffe, puis une ébullition et de la vapeur. La suite nous la connaissons puisque nous serons exactement dans le même scénario que le désastre de Fukushima.

Compte-rendu de la double (triple?) crise à Fukushima et aux USAs pour ce mois de Juin

E.L.F. Russia: Solidarity Action for Luciano “Tortuga”

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21 June 2011

Earth Liberation Front – Russia claims responsibility for firebombing of a Lexus/Toyota car dealership in Western Moscow on June the 21st.

Four luxury cars (of them – 3 Lexus SUVs) were lost to a firebomb explosion (butane gas canisters, gasoline and a fuse), according to corporate media reports.

Best wishes to Luciano! The Struggle continues!

ELF-Russia, International Network of Action and Solidarity / International Revolutionary Front


Greece: announcement from new C.C.F./I.R.F. cell (Athens)

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Posted on June 23, 2011 by

The following text is dedicated wholeheartedly to the Anarchist Revolutionary Theofilos Mavropoulos who with his unrepentant attitude confirmed that the Revolution does not retreat even when fired at. Also we do not forget his comrade who escaped with a cop car. Finally, we express our unlimited respect to the two comrades but also our great sorrow for the fact that the cops were not mortally wounded.

On the 4th June and while the formal amusement of the Saturday night was climaxing we carried out a new revolutionary plan. We gathered, put on our fullface masks and carried out a raiding attack with sledge hammers on T-Bank on the cross road of Panormou and Achaia street, “transforming it into a summer shop”*, in order for it to suit the climate of the days. Our target was selected based on the following criteria: We wanted to strike a target in the centre of Athens and not in an accidental spot. Firstly, its situated near the central headquarters of the Police, so that the whore cops can receive the message that, no matter how much this area is “theirs” and how many patrols they might make, our plans are always one step ahead, (keep in mind you little bastards, your patrols are being charted). And on the other, it is near the area of “mass amusement” of the shops on Panormou street and thus, were exposed to the eyes of many the broken windows.
In this way we had the possibility to show to a lot of people the way that we “have fun”.

Above all however, we carried out this attack in order to stamp an agreement. We include our own network of fighters in the wider network of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire as well as the International Revolutionary Front. Ready to give it all to the Revolutionary Crime and Widespread revolutionary Guerrilla, we are also an internal enemy of the regime. A permanent internal threat. All these because we are tired of the void of life that is offered to us by this World through the civilization that is promoted by its society. We despise the relations of Authority and the misery of Economy. We are tired of the standardized behaviors. We are disgusted with the psychiatric clinics, prisons, schools, work, religion, but also with all the slaves that are subjugated and maintain all the above. We ought to turn AGAINST those who hurt Freedom. Not only in paper but by putting our wishes into practice on a daily basis.

We know that this decision of ours is difficult and holds for the unlucky and careless gigantic consequences, since we are going against the most difficult of opponents. With the holders of the army and science. Our heretical brains however cannot be cured neither with imprisonments neither with threats. The revolutionary remains for ever free. Until the end. Thus, with a clear conscience, we also put our hand in order to develop the International Revolutionary Illegality. Our next plans are already being examined and soon will be materialized.


P.S. 1: Our unlimited solidarity to comrade Luciano Pitronello Schuffeneger who had a bomb explode in his hands that he had manufactured for an attack.
P.S. 2: A warm handshake to the “priest” who in 1997 in Albania tortured and killed a cop, set fire to another one and was arrested recently. Bless his hands!

International Revolutionary Front
Conspiracy Cells of Fire
Revolutionary Groups for the Spreading of Terror
Core of Vandalisms

Solidarity Attack on Developper in Waterloo, On

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June 17, 2011 – Waterloo, Ontario

In the spirit of June Eleventh and inspired by recent actions against development in the Southern Ontario region, anarchists paid a visit to a condo development site on Belmont Ave. in Waterloo. The presentation building was painted in class war graffiti, all of the windows broken, and a nearby construction machine was covered in paint stripper and had its windows broken.

The Tricar Group (Real Estate Development & Property Management) are creating more space for the rich across Southern Ontario by building luxury condominiums in Waterloo, Guelph, Sarnia and London. Condos attract more yuppies into the cities where we live, increasing property values and pushing out the poor, broke, and working class people.

The Story of a Lone Arsonist Vs Suburbia

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(Edit from an earlier post, based on a report in “La Mauvaise herbe” zine, Fall 2010 edition (PDF))

This happened about a year ago.

A young individual from Chambly, Qc, was arrested on the 14th of July and accused of multiple intentional arsons on expensive construction machinery, causing estimated damages of 1.5 Million Can$. Until then, Joël, who was 19 years-old at the time, was better recognized for his enthusiasm as an amateur comedian in local theater plays, including some historical recreations of the early colonial era. His colleagues could never guessed him to be in such “energetic” nighttime activities.

He was arrested by agents from the Richelieu-St-Laurent Police Department, and suspected of having ignited many fires on five construction fields, from August 2009 to March 16th 2010, and was aiming primarly at heavy machinery. He thus went on the offensive against (sub)urban horizontal developments, for their destruction of ecosystems along with their many species.

The cops claimed to have conducted a long investigation through the course of which they gathered several proofs on the scenes of arsons.

First, he let behind a handwritten communiqué, in French and English, on the locations of the last arson. In it he declared that “the planet is not for sale” and was threatening the construction promoters that he’d continue his sabotage. The notes can help police investigators trace the author of the action, especially when handwritten.

The cops also said that they recorded fingerprints found at the site of one of the arsons, so be sure to wear good leather gloves when striking. The cops are also known for making up that kind of proof (while they might not have any) to force you to talk. DENY everything and never cooperate with authorities. It’s been proven by many cases that those who cooperate get heavier sentences, in proportion with the maximum amount of years they can be jailed for.

Confronted to a filmed police interrogation he admitted all his crimes, as claimed by the attorney. After having endured five days in prison, the media reported that he implored the judge to get him out of jail. “I’m ready to do anything for not going back to jail” he said to judge Marc Bisson. This is quite sad, as the cops could as well have had no solid proof against him.

Another mistake was in the fact that every construction site that he attacked were at less than five minutes from his home, making his tracking easier for investigators. To avoid doing too many attacks in your own neighborhood and be more far-reaching can be very beneficial.

And in all cases, he was also leaving graffiti expressing his ecological convictions, of the like of “Stop planet destruction”, but this last fact isn’t enough to get him caught by authorities.

He pledged non-guilty at his first appearance at the Criminal Court, but the stupid judge sent him back in detention at least until his appearance for inquiry on bail.

The first arson -on August 8th 2009- has caused damages of about 60 000$ to a lift platform, the second -on August 12th 2009- caused several damages amounting to 450 000$ to three lift platforms. The next month, he would have attacked a crane casing 75 000$ in damages, and finally he would have burned three other hydraulic shovels, on March 15th and 16th 2010, for a total value of 1 M$. He was simply breaking windows of these vehicles, and cracking a match in gasoline.

To investigators who wanted to understand his motives, he explained them that he was protesting this way against the suburban spread that destroys what once was his playground.

He’s been facing a 10 years imprisonment sentence. For charges involving breaking lifeless machines which belongs solely to private interests (completely unaccountable to the public), who anyways were covered by the company’s insurance policies. In the process, he might even have given paid vacations to some construction workers, while making insurance fees climb in that area for big construction projects and perhaps even scare investors!

Finally, the judge accepted to free him, under the conditions of paying 2500$ in bail (that his mother paid), a 9 PM to 7 AM curfew, and forbidden to go outside of his home without being accompanied by his parents. In a finishing blow, he was forced to regularly consult a psychologist at the Local Center of Social Services, even though his actions clearly shown he had a head on his shoulders. Who else, anyways, is stupid or crazy enough to destroy what fundamentally sustains us, such as air, earth, water and biodiversity? A corporation, perhaps… No.

Certainly a corporation.

As of now, about a year after his arrest and prosecution, the few available reports on him shows that he’s on parole, and fortunately for him is still doing plays, after having defended his playground (the bushes) for a time so that the new children of this world would enjoy it. Yet, even out of jail, he’ll remain under State captivity for a very long time, as all his movements and communications will be under tight watch. It is needless to say that he’s better left alone, to keep him from further harassment and repression by authorities. But to make his actions known and to speak -or post- on his defense would contribute to break the media propaganda, including the one in the filthy local corporate media, that puts his actions within the same category than the crimes of rapists and murderous car drivers, who are much more common in this area than the “Evil eco-terrorist”.

Flip-it over, and the meaning stays the same! Civilization in all its glory.

Their neverending process of destruction and pollution is likely to keep going as it is, as long as it’s not being forcefully opposed, in any way we find, from our isolated positions in the nightmare of the mercantile/spectacular society. The repression of individuals like Joël by the State, for not even causing harm to anyone, means one thing: that this industry is riddled with flaws and weaknesses open as wide as the tar sands craters of Fort McMurray, and that the capitalist establishment seemingly can’t find other ways to defend it than by using judicial terror and media propaganda to scare the rest of us.

And what’s their biggest secret? That they keep invading and oppressing, merely because that is their only way to prolong their existence as a system.

In solidarity with a lone fighter who fell in combat, let’s continue on the line he has traced!

Action(s) anti-développements dans le nord des Appalaches (Qc)

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Traduction intégrale d’un communiqué de source inconnue, pour une action de vandalisme visant un train touristique, par des gens se réclamant être de la E.L.F. L’action a été confirmée comme véridique, quoique l’association avec la Earth Liberation Front reste nébuleuse, aux lecteurs-trices d’en juger…

Vendredi, 17 Juin 2011

Une action de subversion a été réalisée durant la nuit du 16-17 Juin, contre l’industrie du tourisme/immobilier, en plein milieu des Cantons-de-l’Est.

Le Parc du Mont Orford est récemment devenu une des pierres angulaires pour l’étalement (péri-) urbain destructeur dans la région. Un attrait touristique pour bourgeois, le resto-train Orford Express, basé à Sherbrooke, a été la cible de graffiti, paints sur les murs de béton du nouveau tunnel ferroviaire, juste en-dessous de l’autoroute 10, symboliquement la principale voie d’entrée pour les automobilistes dans la région.

L’Orford Express est rapidement devenu un atout très respecté pour l’industrie touristique des environs. Maintenant des centaines de banlieusards/bourgeois se sont vus confrontés, alors qu’ils avaient un repas cossu à bord du train-restaurant panoramique, à être témoins de sauvages graffiti directement adressés à eux… où pouvaient être lus « Orford: Banlieue » et « la Terre est pas à vendre! », accompagnés d’un « A » encerclé et d’une cauchemardesque tête-de-mort noire. Nous espérons qu’ils dureront tout le long du week-end, sinon plus…

Cette attaque a été faite dans la lignée d’une multitude de petites actions de « dévisagement » réalisées un peu partout à travers les Canton-de-l’Est par diverses personnes contre des projets immobiliers en cours. Particulièrement en ce temps où le plus chaud de la saison touristique s’amorce, il est prévisible que d’autres attaques de nature semblable vont suivre, car la saison de la chasse est ouverte pour nous anarchistes verts.

Nous croyons que la façade est l’aspect le plus sensible de toute cette industrie, alors que plus les promoteurs et les envahisseurs se sentiront compromis, moins qu’ils seront attirés dans les environs et le plus facile ce sera de forcer le développement à figer. C’est notre stratégie pour le long terme, qui peut être appliquée partout où sévissent les mêmes sortes de développements du capitalisme industriel.

Le contexte actuel

Le Parc du Mont Orford consiste en une zone protégée de riches écosystèmes diversifiés et d’une nature pittoresque, d’ue splendeur Appalachienne typique, qui est malgré cela attaquée discrètement par de sales intérêts corporatistes/mafieux, alors que les villages et petites villes sont rapidement en train de se faire inter-connecter par une grille -apparemment infinie- de routes et de maisons de plastique insipides, et à travers de cela la Nature se fait machinalement détruire et polluer. La faune se trouve forcée de fuir vers des aires de survie incertaine, quand elle ne meurt pas directement de ces bouleversement soudains de leur milieu de vie. La vie sociale pour les humains se meurt elle aussi, alors que des tas de quartiers de banlieue voient le jour dans le voisinage, entourant les lieux qu’on appelait jadis « mon village », ou « ma campagne », et peuplés par des inconnus à la conduite antisociale, vivant dans leurs bulles et incapables de faire quoi que ce soit de leur vie sans pétrole ni dollars. C’est leur « modèle » de civilization…

Le Parc est devenu célèbre surtout pour la menace brutale qui a jadis pesé sur lui, de la part d’un gros projet de développement touristique/immobilier, qui a été ensuite pour relativement stoppé par une protestation populaire auprès du gouvernement. Néanmoins les promoteurs de projets immobiliers sont plus que jamais sur un pied de guerre pour violer Mère Nature de tous côtés en multipliant les développements horizontaux destructeurs partout dans les environs du Mont Orford, allant même jusqu’aux quelques centimètres près de la limite officielle du Parc. Cette situation, c’est aussi celle que vous-mêmes avez probablement observé dans votre propre coin, alors de mener la lutte ici veut dire exactement la même chose que de le faire dans votre voisinage.

Tant que le tourisme servira de véhicule pour plus d’invasion et de destruction de la vie, son spectacle doit être subverti, perturbé ou détruit, par tous les moyens possibles.

La sauvagerie est la seule solution au problème de l’hypocrisie de la civilisation.

En solidarité avec Marie Mason et Eric McDavid (USA), les nations autochtones en lutte et avec tous les prisonniers anarchistes des guerres impériales de l’Occident, ici et ailleurs, qui soulevés pour leur amour de la vie et de la liberté.

– l’Hydre des Appalaches

membre de la E.L.F./I.A.F.

Anti-development attack(s) in the upper Appalachians

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(version française à venir!)

Friday 17th 2011

19/06/11A subversive attack was carried today, in the early hours of the morning against the tourist/real estate industry right in the middle of the Eastern Townships, Qc.

The Mount Orford Park has become over the past few years one of the main cornerstones for the invasive suburban developments in the region. A tourist attraction for the rich, the Sherbrooke-based Orford Express train, was the target of “unthinkable” graffiti, painted on the concrete walls of the new railroad pass right under highway 10, which is symbolically the main entry route for motorists in the region.

The Orford Express quickly became a well-respected and valuable asset for the region’s tourist industry. Now the hundreds of bourgeois/suburban consumers who were having a posh dinner in the luxurious, old-style train/restaurant were forced to witness barbaric graffiti, directly aimed at them… words like (in French) “Orford: Suburbia” and “the Earth is not for Sale!” (in reference to the many “Land for Sale” panels still mostly left unspoiled everywhere in the region), along with a circled “A” sign, and a frightening, pitch black Jolly Roger. We can only hope it’ll last for the weekend, if not longer…

This action was made amongst an ongoing string of small “defacing » actions carried out in the Eastern Townships by different people. Especially as the busiest period of the tourist season begins, its is very likely to be followed by more attacks of the same nature as it is open season for us green & black insurgents.

We believe that the “face value” is the most sensitive part in this industry, as the more the investors and the invaders will feel compromised, the lesser they’ll be drawn to here and the easier it’ll be to force development to a standstill. That is our long term battle strategy, and this same logic can be applied wherever the same kind of capitalism-driven development spreads.

The background

The Mt. Orford Park is centered around a protected area of rich and diverse ecosystems and beautiful wildlife, of typical Appalachian splendor, that is being discreetly attacked by filthy corporate/mafia interests, as towns and villages are rapidly becoming interconnected by a grid of roads and ugly plastic houses, and in the process nature being routinely destroyed and polluted. Wildlife is fleeing to uncertain areas of survival, when not simply dying out of the sudden, forced changes. Social life for humans is also dying, with tons of new non-centralized neighborhoods surrounding the country places we used to call “my small town », now crowded with antisocial people, mostly unknown to each other, living in bubbles and unable to do anything without oil or cash.

Since the Park was brought to fame for its brutal targeting by a huge tourist/real estate development project, then beaten out of popular outrage and pressure on the government for its devastating effect on the environment. Nonetheless, horizontal developers are on full battle mode and having their way with Mother Nature by multiplying overwhelmingly destructive horizontal developments everywhere around the Park, up to the very few inches bordering its official limits. This is a situation most of us already have witnessed in their area, so to fight it here means the same than fighting it in your neighborhood.

As long as tourism is a vehicle for more invasion and destruction of life, it’s got to be subverted, disrupted or destroyed, by any way we find.

Savagery is the only answer to the hypocrisy of civilization.

In solidarity with Marie Mason and Eric McDavid, the fighting Native people and with all the anarchist prisoners of the Western imperialist wars, here and abroad, who stood up for their love of life and freedom.

– the Appalachian Hydra

member of the E.L.F./I.A.F.

(update(s) and photo(s) might follow)

This is What Solidarity Looks Like!

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A few reports on the ongoing global wave of attacks against development, in solidarity with the Asheville prisoners, Marie Mason and Eric McDavid -who both were condemned for 20 years in jail over property destruction- and the other political prisoners who fell in the hands of Democracy’s State repression

Communique from vivalaanarquia, translated by war on society:

This past 11th of June a fire was started on the side of a church
which was under construction; we climbed the wall with mats in order to
reach the entire wooden frame, instead of climbing the wall and going
inside, we proceeded to leave plastic bottles filled with gasoline on
which a sticker was placed, (alluding to the comrade fallen in combat,
Mauricio Morales); and an additional amount [of gasoline] was splashed
across the fence. Moments before climbing the walls again, we set fire
and showered leaflets in solidarity to the eco-anarchist comrades Marie Mason and Eric McDavid; it was the same place where days before we painted slogans, while we were making an inspection of the area.

By way of this action we express solidarity with those who, like
many other prisoners of the social war in the world, do not give up in
this struggle; through this form we also show that our solidarity
continues and will continue to be a weapon against the whole system of
domination, and that those on the inside are not alone.

We do not surrender, we continue onward, we know that with
intentions we do not change anything, but only with actions. Seek to
live anarchy!

For fear to not destroy solidarity… for solidarity to destroy confinement!

Against the prisons of Capital!

Freedom to the accused of the “Bombs Case”!


Circle of Iconoclastic Action / Informal Anarchist Federation (I.A.F.)

June 13th:

The Black E.L.F. hydra, out of its lair

325 received the following communique from Earth Liberation Front Russia – Informal Anarchist Federation / International Network of Action & Solidarity, about a series of attacks in conjunction with the 11th June International Day of Solidarity with Marie Mason, Eric McDavid and Long-term Anarchist Prisoners. Strength and force to all those imprisoned for their ideas, words and actions of resistance – We will never forget our prisoners of war. For a global insurrectional network based on revolutionary solidarity, direct action and subversion:

Solidarity with Marie Mason and Eric McDavid – ELF actions in Moscow region of Russia

“For me solidarity is a constant proposal to struggle, is the continuation and the development of the revolutionary action for which the comrade was captured” – Gerasimos Tsakalos, Conspiracy of Cells of Fire

01.06 we torched electrical measuring and control devices in 2 underground service booths of a water communication system that brings hot water to a military intelligence site in Butovskiy forest. To add to the fact that this infrastructure serves military personnel, more than 800 trees were cut during earthworks for this water supply line to even appear in the forest. To hamper service brigades further, we also spiked the road they use for maintaining the system.

05.06 we torched an excavator at a highway construction site west of Moscow (Volokolamsk direction).

06.06 and 10.06 we expropriated some construction equipment and destroyed geologists’ measurement posts in the glades of Butovskiy forest.

11.06 we broke into yet another underground service booth and put to fire all the digital and analog devices and tools inside.

We dedicate these attacks to Marie Mason and Eric McDavid. We don’t have the honour of personal acquaintance with them, but their dedication to protecting our Planet and conscious choices they’ve made not only to act, but also to stand their ground in the wake of state repressions, inspire us and help us to continue on our path.

For Earth Liberation! For Human Liberation!

– ELF-Russia, Informal Anarchist Federation/International Network of Action and Solidarity

Olympia, WA: Logging equipment sabotaged

from pugetsoundanarchists:

Sometime in the morning hours of June 11th a piece of logging equipment somewhere around Olympia Washington was sabotaged. All that was needed was quickset cement, a bottle of saltwater, and a large pipe. This piece of machinery was being used to clear-cut a piece of land to make way for a small development, and will not be running anytime soon unless thousands of dollars are put into repairing the machine. This action was done in solidarity with Eric McDavid, Marie Mason and all non-cooperating green scare prisoners. Solidarity to all anarchist prisoners!

Olympia, WA: Triway Enterprises Targeted

Posted on June 13, 2011 by Gabriella Segata Antolini

from pugetsoundanarchists:

On Saturday June 11th the development company Triway Enterprises, located in Olympia Washington, had its door and façade covered in paint and corrosive material splattered on its windows. This was done because Triway, like nearly every other development company, attempts to pass of their destruction of the land as “green” and “sustainable”. As has been said before “eco-mansions” are not sustainable and never will be, and development companies will always be met with resistance. This act goes out to Eric McDavid and Marie Mason, two long-term, non-cooperating, green scare, anarchist prisoners.

Last night in honor of June 11, a luxury SUV parked in a rich area of Seattle had the majority of its windows ruined and the words « Yuppie Scum » spraypainted on the exterior. This was done in the tradition of struggle in the Northwest against all those who wish to destory the earth. In solidarity with Sadie, Exile, Marie Mason, Eric McDavid, Grant Barnes, and all other eco prisoners including those who live semi-free in clandestiny. Dedicated to the memory of Avalon!

In the early hours of June 11, an architecture office (once responsible for the design of the now defunt Point Ruston yuppie development) had paint thrown all over its sign and anti-development slogan written on the wall. A bank nearby had windows covered in paint. These are small gestures of solidarity with those eco-anarchists still locked up in prisons across the country as well as those who are still facing trials and those who are currently on the run. Against all prisons and the prison society that keeps humanity and the earth in chains.

Sat, 06/11/2011 – 12:49pm — Anonymous

Last night in honor of June 11, a luxury SUV parked in a rich area of Seattle had the majority of its windows ruined and the words « Yuppie Scum » spraypainted on the exterior. This was done in the tradition of struggle in the Northwest against all those who wish to destory the earth. In solidarity with Sadie, Exile, Marie Mason, Eric McDavid, Grant Barnes, and all other eco prisoners including those who live semi-free in clandestiny. Dedicated to the memory of Avalon!

To the State and its defenders/profiteers: you fuck with our friend’s lives, we fuck with your system!

June 11 Day of Solidarity with the Anarchist prisoners

Asheville Radio coverage on June 11th

Direct link to afm-final-straw-05292011.mp3 , on the « Green Scare » and the last stand for the Earth.

La Banque Royale attaquée à Calgary, en réplique aux meurtres policiers de Montréal

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(traduit de « RBC attacked in Calgary…« )Nique la police!

Durant la nuit du 8 Juin nous avons su au sujet de nos camarades de Montréal. Les flics ont tué deux personnes de plus. Ça a jeté de l’essence dans notre rage pour la police et pour le monde qu’ils défendent.

Or une Banque Royale (RBC) au Nord-Ouest de Calgary a un de l’épaisse peinture gommeuse de répandue partout sur ses guichets automatiques et les mots « Fuck the Police » et « Solidarité » écrit sur les murs.

Nique la police!

Solidarité avec les gens de Montréal!

– des anarchistes