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Riot in Hollywood: the spectacle turned up against itself?

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From their media:


What started as a normal movie premiere for « Electric Daisy Carnival Experience » at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre ended with riot police on Hollywood Boulevard.

From his bird’s-eye view Trailer Park office across the street, social media strategist Nick Walsh has seen plenty of them.

But Wednesday was different: The crowd just kept coming.

“I kept on looking out and the crowd kept on getting bigger…. And they just started pouring into the street, stopping traffic,” Walsh said.

He began snapping photos just as hundreds of people gathered in front of the theater for an impromptu  concert by electronic musician Kaskade, who sent out a tweet earlier in the day, promising that at 6 p.m. he would provide “ME+BIG SPEAKERS+MUSIC=BLOCK PARTY!!!”

Kaskade was among the performers featured in the « Electric Daisy » movie premiering at the theater, a documentary featuring electronic music popular at raves. The crowd start getting unruly about 6:30 p.m., he said, and filled up the entire boulevard.

About 15 minutes later, he noticed one police car trying to direct people off the street, telling the fans through a loudspeaker that they had five minutes to leave. “All of a sudden, these dancers showed up. They got the crowd all riled up. The crowd pretty much smothered the cop car, and it ended up driving away,” Walsh said.

Walsh’s photos of the crowd included a man dressed in Spider-Man costume and scantily clad women in black boots wearing frilly white miniskirts holding black-framed umbrellas. “The tone of the crowd was chill, and it really just felt like, ‘We can do this because you can’t do anything about it,’” Walsh said.

As the chaos unfolded, workers started rolling up the red carpet.

Paris Hilton, who was on her way to attend the premiere, tweeted, “Omg! What’s going on on Hollywood Blvd?” Insomniac Inc. Chief Executive Pasquale Rotella, who founded the Electric Daisy Carnival, expressed anger at the unauthorized, aborted musical act, tweeting that he could not attend his own premiere because of the street closures. “What genius organized the street party!” tweeted Rotella. “I’m pretty bummed.”

Meanwhile, several hundred people had descended on Hollywood Boulevard, LAPD Cmdr. Andy Smith said. Although Kaskade was spotted by one LAPD officer driving by in a flatbed truck, he didn’t stop — and didn’t spin music.

Many in the crowd surged into the street, some pelting police and bystanders with glass beer bottles, rocks and other debris. Others were unknowingly caught up in the sea of humanity — including some tourists from Iowa who were looking at stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame one minute and in the next were detained along with dozens of other people for failure to disperse.

« They were just regular wide-eyed folks, » Smith said.


At some point after 7, a line of about 15 police officers approached from the east, Walsh said, and began to walk toward the crowd, pushing them to them to the west. Later, more officers were added to the line. “But people weren’t leaving. All they were doing, they were forming a horseshoe around the police,” Walsh said.

And from here:

Riot police fired rubber bullets at a huge crowd of young ravers after the rioting youths sparked mayhem on Hollywood Boulevard.

Authorities were called after the youngsters threw bottles and set fire to cars after being denied entry to a Hollywood film première.

The unruly crowd began partying on the streets in protest and when they refused to disperse, officers took drastic action.

Local DJ Kaskade then sparked a huge ‘block party’ in protest, according to reports, and when the crowd refused to disperse riot police intervened.

As they tried to control the crowd, the LAPD was forced to shut down a large section of Hollywood Boulevard, causing massive traffic problems.

Ravers refused to leave the area and started fighting and throwing bottles. A police car was also set on fire, it was reported.

Sweden: « yellow machine of death » vainquished by the fires of revolt

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We have come to the conclusion that to save life that is oppressed A GOOD WAY is to disarm the oppressor, in any way necessary. No more shit talk.

We made some napalm bombs and used them to destroy the yellow death machine beside the forest, a machine used to help tearing nature apart.
Before that we modulated the vehicle as much as possible, by cutting cables, and taking things away, and also wrote ELF messages on the last sight of the hellmachine -just in case some rotten nut would get the sick idea to try restoring it!

This is a statement to the lifefriends worldwide that you better militantisize your agenda, and to the forest-destroying industries: that if you come closer to our territory, terror will come, in the way you understand it, Economic catastrophy. For the interest of your own future, stay away.



Silvia, Billy and Costa sentenced in Switzerland

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On Friday, July 22, Swiss anarchists Costa Ragusa, Billy Bernasconi, and Silvia Guerini were sentenced at the Federal Criminal Court in Bellinzona on charges of “conspiracy to commit arson” and “illegal trafficking of explosives” stemming from a thwarted attack on an IBM nanotechnology lab in Rüschlikon.

The charge of “illegal transport of explosives” fell apart since there was no solid evidence to corroborate any smuggling from Italy. Nevertheless, our comrades were sentenced to longer prison terms than those requested by the prosecutor.

Ragusa, 34 and a founder of the Italian anarchist group Il Silvestre, was sentenced to three years and eight months in prison. He was accused of masterminding the lab attack.

Bernasconi, 26 and a resident of Italy, was sentenced to three years and six months in prison, plus 22 days from a prior sentence.

Guerini, 29, was sentenced to three years and four months in prison.

Each of the three sentences will be reduced by one year and three months, which is the amount of time our comrades have spent in pretrial detention.


More on the IAF attacks of last spring

San Francisco: on the uprising(s) against the police

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From Indybay, July 20th


The march began at Dolores Park where nearly 200 of us departed and began moving towards the Castro. The route followed MUNI rail lines, obstructing the functioning of the rail system as it proceeded. Upon reaching the Castro MUNI station, all hell broke loose. While approaching the intersection (home to the underground MUNI station as well as the crossing of several MUNI rail lines) a significant portion of the march had donned masks and hoods.

What had now become a mob moved effortlessly past the bewildered cops and descended into the station. Down below on the mezzanine level, trash was set alight and thrown down onto the tracks below, followed by advertisements and signs. The ticket machines, the fare checkpoints and the agent booth were all smashed with hammers and flags – totally ruined. Smokebombs and fireworks were thrown throughout the station, adding to the chaos as the group resurfaced. The march then moved back through the Castro, hurling bricks over the heads of riot police and through the windows of Bank of America before heading into the Mission.

Those at the front of the march, made the spontaneous decision to continue onwards to the Mission police station on Valencia street. As the march approached, the pigs moved into formation to protect their sty. This didn’t stop us from throwing flares, a paint bomb, and a hammer at the façade of the building and at its defenders. The crowd, now swelled to almost 300, stayed in front of the police station for a while, screaming in the faces of the scum that patrols our streets and kills and imprisons the people we love. After making it abundantly clear that we wanted them the fuck out of our neighborhood, we continued through the Mission . At this point, the march dwindled slightly but continued down Mission St. Things escalated again when CBS news began harassing the crowd. People grabbed the big ass camera and smashed it on the ground. Police moved to make an arrest, but were repelled by the stick-wielding crowd…

(read the rest here)

Seattle: spectacular disruptive action against the prison system

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from Pudget Sound Anarchists

Wed, 07/20/2011 – 5:41pm — Anonymous

On Wednesday, July 20th, we hung a banner that read « SOLIDARITY WITH CALI PRISONER HUNGER STRIKE (A) DESTROY ALL PRISONS » off the sixth floor of the parking garage on 3rd and Pine in Downtown Seattle. Below the banner, a smoke bomb was set off in the intersection, sending enormous plumes of orange smoke into the air. Those who hung the banner tossed thousands of fliers into the concrete canyon below the parking garage. The fliers rained down on the dozens of people waiting for the bus, grabbing lunch, shopping, or simply loitering. We later saw many people on the street reading and discussing the fliers.

This action was in solidarity with the Pelican Bay Hunger Strike which, as of the time of this writing, has spread to several other prisons in California. The thousands on hunger strike have been starving themselves for 20 days, some of them losing 25 to 30 pounds and suffering from such ailments as organ failure, loss of consciousness, and severe dehydration.

The action took place in one of the most heavily policed areas in Seattle. It is also one of the few public places in which many people still gather. On a normal day, the SPD and the King County Sherriffs patrol the streets on foot and on bike, locking up dozens of people for vagrancy, public intoxication, drinking, smoking weed, or any other reason they can think of. When they are not doing this, they are taking pictures with tourists at Pike Place Market, mock-arresting them and putting them in the back of their vintage cops cars, and parading around on their shit-dispensing horses. Despite this heavy police presence, the action was completely succesful.




– anarchists

A cry from a distant past, aimed at the future…

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…the timeless lords of anarchopunk and crust have returned last month, after 24 years of silence, in perfect synch with the ongoing global insurrection

Amebix are the true spirit of rebellion.

I dedicate this vid to all the anarchists fighters who fell in the hands of democracy’s prison system…

…and in rememberance of Carlo Giuliani, who, exactly 10 years ago (on July 21st), fell under the murderous violence of an undercover fascist thug and the horrible disregard by the Carabinieri, during the anti-G10 protest in Genoa. The despots and the cowards will fall with the State that they serve, and let’s always more defend our friends, allies and comrades who fall into their hands so that such tragedy will not happen again.

(more info on Carlo)

Monsanto official Beaten by farmers in India over Failed GMO Cotton Seeds

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Jul-12-2011 04:03

From Vidarbha Times, through Salem News.

(NAGPUR ) – We have reported in the past an alarming suicide rate among farmers in India that is connected to the failure of American GMO (genetically modified organism) cotton seeds.

Monsanto, the U.S. company responsible for Agent Orange, a cancer-causing chemical sprayed on the jungles of Vietnam, is now in the GMO food and seed business.

Monsanto stands accused of having an international monopoly of the notorious bio-engineered Bt cotton seeds.

Advocates for the agricultural industry say they never dreamed of the tragedy to come, when a 2005 decision was announced to allow the seeds in India.

Now an agrarian crisis has hit Maharashtra itself thanks to the Monsanto program.

Farmers are buying 11 packets of 450 gm per hectare as per the company’s guide for the recommended “population method” but the sudden demand and ill-managed Indian sub agents have brought the company big trouble as 50% of the Bt cotton seeds failed to germinate even after it’s second sowing.

Now cries are being heard in other part of India too.

The Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti farmers advocacy group has approached the local state Govt. of Maharashtra to arrange a high level probe of all complaints received from farmers of west Vidarbha where more than 10,000 cotton farmers have committed suicide since June 2005 after the introduction of the killer Bt cotton seeds in this region.

Around Rs.10,000 crore has been pumped in by Indian and state Govt. to bailout cotton farmers from the agrarian crisis which is likely to get worse if corrective action are not taken immediately, Kishore Tiwari of Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti said today.

The Monsanto Bt cotton seed crisis heated up in early June when all Bt cotton seeds ordered by Maharashtra dealers sold out it to the adjourning Andhra farmers and there was no seed available to cater to the local market.

Monsanto sub-agents had failed to respond to a state govt. request, and then suddenly Bt cotton seeds were freely available in the market by the third week of June.

A source supply was immediately discovered and Yavatmal police raided the house of Nerendra Indurkar in the very small village of Munjala and reportedly caught him red handed packing local cotton seed in the pockets of branded Bt cotton.

Police have sealed the advanced imported pocket packing machines and thousands of packets of Bt cotton seeds being sold on the premium.

However the alleged culprit, Nerendra Indurkar, was allowed to go without any interrogation.

Officials of the American Bt cotton seeds giant in India were called and facts were shared but they denied any link with this bogus Bt cotton seed supply racket.

Monsanto officials beaten up by Cotton farmers as Bt.cotton seed failed

When news of a Monsanto senior official’s arrival from Mumbai reached the nearby village of Munjala, cotton farmers of the village Karanji, about 140 K.m. from Nagpur located the Monsanto official and took him to their field where a complete failure of ‘Paras Sudarshan’ Bt cotton seed was shown to him.

When the Monsanto representative failed to admit the lapse, he was severely beaten up by the farmers.

It was reported that even a local agriculture officer did not come to his rescue.

This, from accounts in daily papers in Vidarbha and the Marathwada region of Maharashtra where more than 4 million hectares under Bt cotton cultivation are reporting the flood of bogus seed supplied local agents of American cotton seed MNC giant Monsanto.

At this point, although the situation was reported, the administration has failed to take any action of this serious issue.

So, Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti has written to Maharashtra Chief Minister Prathiraj Chavan to order a judicial enquiry into the supply racket of bogus BT. cotton seed in Maharashtra, and also to start criminal action against the culprit, Tiwari added.

Exactly where Monsanto’s trail across the globe that has left so many dead and dying begins is not known, nor is the future this model agency of the American military industrial complex known.

The company has never accounted for its role in the deaths of so many Vietnamese and American and Australian Vietnam Veterans who have fought so hard for so government accountability in return.

Agent Orange doesn’t just affect the person who comes into contact with it, it goes on to affect their children, and their children’s children. I suspect there are a great number of people who cracked a smile when they read this account of a Monsanto official being beaten up in an Indian farm field. Violence is never a good answer, but particularly in light of the horrific, staggering suicide rate, it is understandable why some might embrace it as a last resort.


Down with self-sacrifice… retribution time!

Bandung, Indonesia – Cells of International Conspiracy for Revenge claim responsibility for ATM fiebombings

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July 6th, 2011 – Bandung, Indonesia
Cells of International Conspiracy for Revenge, a few days ago, have claimed responsibility by spreading leaflets surrounding the ATM BNI firebombings. The leaflet is almost the same tone as in Makassar and Manado:
“PT Indomining (Bima) has been brutally repressing the local population, Jogja Magasa International wants to evict 30,000 farmers in Kulon Progo. Farmers in Takalar are facing the threat of land-grabbing. These actions are carried out in a brutal way, including shootings, terror, sexual harassment as well as the various forms of repression that we never hear about in the mainstream media.
That’s not surprising because these capitalist-bureaucratic companies do not care about anything except making their wallet thicker!”

April 4th attack of the International Conspiracy for Revenge, Indonesia, against industrial development

“Our attacking of an ATM (bank) is an important target, because banks are always involved in financing natural resources and the repression of the people in the name of capital! We have no intention of injuring anyone, the destruction of property is not violence! No mercy for the forces of repression! No mercy for the State and Capitalism.”
May the Social War escalate and we forgot to mentioned comrades in Greece, Italy, or anywhere else but you all know our hearts are with you.
Got Ist Tot – Free Association of Individualist-Communists.
Salute to: Revolutionary Organisation – Conspiracy of Cells of Fire. The Revolutionary
Struggle. The Chilean insurrectionists. Giannis Dimitrakis and Polykarpos Georgiades, our hearts are with you!
Long Live the Rebellion and stay free. And with this statement we claim to join the RO-FAI, Indonesian Section.

Bureaux d’un promoteur de condos attaqué à Montréal

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À venir...

Dans la nuit du jeudi, 14 juillet, nous avons attaqué le bureau d’un promoteur de condo sur le coin de Saint-Jacques et Bourget. Nous avons brisé les fenêtres et jeté de la peinture sur l’édifice. Espérons que cette action parle d’elle-même.

-des anarchistes