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26/4: Call to re-occupy! Hambach Forest Resistance Camp evicted

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The Ham­bach Fo­rest Oc­cupa­ti­on is EVIC­TED right now!
This is where it is going to start!

Se­ver­al hund­red po­li­ce ar­ri­ved this morning, sur­roun­ding and shut­ting down the fo­rest oc­cupa­ti­on from the eyes of an­yo­ne who would like to wit­ness what is ac­tual­ly going on.

In­fra­struc­tu­re, Tre­e­hou­ses, trees, hedges, all get­ting torn apart piece by piece.
Ever­y­thing is de­s­troy­ed by loud, ob­noxious ma­chine­ry or­chestra­ted by me­ga­lo­ma­ni­acs, ope­ra­ted by igno­rant peop­le who in the end have not­hing to claim for them­sel­ves but clin­ging on to their job.
Peop­le get­ting drag­ged away, get­ting bru­ta­li­zed, get­ting vio­la­ted.

After the raid just a coup­le of days ago this is the next step in the game,
a game in which we are ahead in­deed!
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EU: Secret Military Contractors Will Soon Mine Your Tweets

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(image above is believed to be a hoax… but still worthy of sharing)

Though the project is classified Secret, an Army contract shop in Europe posted a wealth of information on the FedBizOps contract website Tuesday. (Unsafe web page, be careful)<!–more–>The data mining contract, which has the very long title of “Social Media Data-mining, Localized Research, Market Audience Analysis, and Narrowcast Engagement Requirements,” will support both the European Command and Special Operations Command Europe.In its request for information, the Army said it wants a contractor to “provide detailed social media research and analysis, on-the-ground native research and analysis, and customized social media website development and execution.”  This will include open source information, “detailed social media data-mining, social media monitoring and analysis, target audience analysis, media kit development and social media platform operations.”

This is a global effort, according to the RFI. In addition the European Command and the Special Operations Command in Europe, “activities under this contract will support … strategic communications, operations to engage local populations, build interagency partnerships, and identify violent extremist influences” within EUCOM’s area of responsibility emanating from Africa Command, Central Command, Pacific Command, or Southern Command areas of responsibility.

Even more details are contained in a Secret work statement that I would need a decoder ring to obtain – but I consider the unclassified info on FedBizOps a real gift for my daily trolling of federal digital cupboards.