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Enbridge (Canada): Line 9 shut down again… arrestees would enjoy your support

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From Revolution News

By Mike Roy on 12/21/2015

For the second time in as many weeks activists in Canada have occupied and shut down Line 9 Endbridge’s  300,000 barrel per day oil pipe line. This action effectively shuts down the flow of bitumen oil from the Alberta Tar Sands into into the United States.

The activists arrived at the Endbridge site just West of Sarnia, Ontario at 8AM and proceeded with closing the valve and locking themselves to the equipment.

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Anti-gentrification protesters block Google Bus to Silicon Valley

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Google riders – ‘under siege’ or ‘alien overlords’?

From: SFgate

By: Heather Knight

12.16.13 – San Francisco has always been a city of symbols. The Golden Gate Bridge, peace signs, the rainbow flag. These days, nothing seems to represent San Francisco’s tech-fueled boom times better than those giant private shuttles that drive tech workers from the city to Silicon Valley. For some city residents, the shuttles are about as welcome as a computer virus.
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Ongoing clash at Elsipogtog, SWN and RCMP breaks in!

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UPDATE  (Nov. 18):

Mi’kmaq claim another highway victory in ongoing battle against shale gas exploration

UPDATE (Nov. 15): 

Elsipogtog grassroots declare “victory” on the highway, while leadership aims to stop SWN in courtroom

Note: THERE IS MAINSTREAM MEDIA BLACKOUT HAPPENING RIGHT NOW OVER ELSIPOGTOG. As we publish this, highway 11 has been shut down by RCMP to prevent supporters from coming in, and SWN testing is going on, with scarce, pacifist resistance.  Anyone coming across those news and Tweets, please SPREAD THIS!

Some up-to-date Tweets (use safely):





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