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Un samedi NOIR pour le monde des prisons…

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On traduit et retransmet, de Rabble UK

Grèce, le gardien en chef d’une prison de « Type C » se fait buter

Le gardien en chef de la prison à haute sécurité de Type C de Domokos a été assassiné ce Samedi 21 Février 2015 en après-midi près de la ville de Lamia dans le centre de la Grèce, selon la police. Selon les informations reçues jusqu’à maintenant, la victime de 47 ans aurait quitté sa maison dans la zone de Kouvela, située entre Lamia et Stylida, juste avant 17h30 pour aller à la chasse dans les environs.
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Fire to the Prisons is back! More fire is needed!

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New edition Fire to the Prisons… after 4 years of hiatus

« I’m not fucking around », Freedom or death

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Update: Sean « reappears »… only to be sent, along with 37 other inmates, to Ohio’s most infamous prison (new contact and letter campaign details on the site)

Listen to the latest podcast to listen to Sean: You Are The Resistance

With fascist fuckweasels ignoring his hungerstrike, anarchist prisoner Sean Swain has vowed to refuse his blood pressure medication, beginning February 9. This medication keeps his blood pressure regulated. To stop taking this medication “cold turkey” is extremely dangerous, as it could cause a spike in blood pressure which can lead to heart attack, stroke or aneurysm.
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Beat the Raid(s)!

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Site anti-rep du mouvement contre les pipelines à Vancouver / Anti-rep website on political organizers against the pipelines in Vancouver



Also… Anarchist solidarity benefit concert featuring Iskra/Brocrusher – March 20th 2015
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The « Tech Camp » of Ukraine and digital imperalism…

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Sur le « Techno-Camp » d’Ukraine et l’impérialisme par le numérique…

In support to this guy’s claims, you can get more documentation on the Tech Camp here and here. This shit’s all supported by the US government, NGOs and Microsoft.

And yeah, we know… here we have a politician, talking in an assembly of a capitalist State, about some political issue not much related to your milieu or community somewhere in the West. Don’t be scared. We didn’t post this expecting sympathy or support from readers towards Novorossya or Putin’s regime… Just to show an instance of the bold new means of mass manipulation, apparently going global now, through which uprisings and wars are created, crafted, engineered, orchestrated by those seeking to profit from these, at the expense of masses of people including you, possibly. We have reason to believe this guy wasn’t making things up, at this point and in the light of what we’ve read about the situation in Ukraine.