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Think again… the suburbs are ALL about war

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Suburbia and « The American Dream »: Designed by War Planners?

By John Stanton, Globalresearch

It is wrong to believe that postwar American suburbanization prevailed because the public chose it…Suburbanization prevailed because of the decisions of large operators and powerful economic institutions supported by federal government programmes…ordinary consumers had little real choice in the basic pattern that resulted…Essentially city planners saw the atomic threat as a means to accelerate the trend of suburbanization. Plans to circle American cities with open spaces, highways and circumferential life belts was long overdue…

The federal government played a more effective role in reducing urban vulnerability [to atomic attack] in future residential development by working through the Federal Housing Administration [FHA], The Housing and Home Finance Agency and the Federal National Mortgage Association [FNMA]. As the FHA and the FNMA annually guaranteed federal liability for hundreds of thousands of dwelling units, the federal government could mandate that in the future they all be subject to urban defense standards.”

The Reduction of Urban Vulnerability: Revisiting 1950s American Suburbanization as Civil Defence, Kathleen A. Tobin

Turns out the “American Dream” of owning a couple of automobiles and a home with cable television in the greener pastures of the suburbs was/is, in good measure, a national security matter. The homes beyond the city center that Americans live in and the highways they cruise are all the result, directly or indirectly, of a national defense program that planers hoped would ensure the existential survivability of America.

Making it tougher for the “Reds”, or these days’ terrorists, to figure out how to vaporize the critical functional elements of America’s national power by dispersing centralized populations/industries to the suburbs was deemed critical to US Cold-War federal, state and local planners, and their counterparts in industry.

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Gatineau (Qc): Cops evict and arrest Native defenders of archeological site, for a development

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From Citizens


GATINEAU — The “sacred fire” at a 3,000-year-old aboriginal archeological site in Gatineau was stamped out and six people arrested Thursday when Gatineau police moved in to evict protesters who had been camping out in teepees for the past month.

The city obtained an injunction Thursday afternoon to remove the protesters and gave them a 6:45 deadline to clear out.

But they refused.

Roger Fleury, one of the organizers, had gone to court to ask for more time to prepare a defence. When he returned to the site, which the aboriginal protesters say is sacred, with the news that he had failed, he didn’t apologize. Tossing the injunction into the “sacred fire” at the centre of the campsite, he said:

“We’ll go to jail.”

Minutes after the deadline, about 15 police vehicles arrived. Officers « asked » the protesters to leave peacefully, but their pleas fell on deaf ears.

“This is our land, we gave it to you,” cried Audrey Redman, one of the protesters. “Instead you take us to your prison!”

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The Bilderberg Group: now 60 years into fucking up with the world…

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From The Guardian


Thursday 29 May 2014 10.03 BST

It’s been a week of celebrations for Henry Kissinger. On Tuesday he turned 91, on Wednesday he broke his personal best in the 400m hurdles, and on Thursday in Copenhagen, he’ll be clinking champagne flutes with the secretary general of Nato and the queen of Spain, as they celebrate 60 glorious years of Bilderberg. I just hope George Osborne remembered to pack a party hat.

Thursday is the opening day of the influential three-day summit and it’s also the 60th anniversary of the Bilderberg Group’s first meeting, which took place in Holland on 29 May 1954. So this year’s event is a red-letter occasion, and the official participant list shows that the 2014 conference is a peculiarly high-powered affair.

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Mi’kmaq Warriors talk strategy for fighting this world

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Very inspiring speeches by Suzanne Patles and Coady Jipol of the Mi’kmaq society, in the light of the recent resistance struggles and the ongoing struggle for liberation of Turtle Island, how it connects to their personal life and experiences, how it made them better and stronger…

Taken from Vancouver Mediacoop

Activists plotting how to block the pipelines in B.C.

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From A Thorn in Their Side, republished from the Georgian Straight

At night, around campfires under a New Brunswick sky, Ambrose Williams thought about imminent battles back home.

Last November, the young Vancouver man and nine others travelled more than 5,000 kilometres east to the town of Rexton. Their mission was to reinforce the Mi’kmaq of the Elsipogtog First Nation who had clashed the month before with the RCMP. The confrontation happened on October 17, 2013, when heavily armed police dismantled a highway blockade by Natives opposing a gas-exploration project.
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Anti-gentrification protesters block Google Bus to Silicon Valley

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Google riders – ‘under siege’ or ‘alien overlords’?

From: SFgate

By: Heather Knight

12.16.13 – San Francisco has always been a city of symbols. The Golden Gate Bridge, peace signs, the rainbow flag. These days, nothing seems to represent San Francisco’s tech-fueled boom times better than those giant private shuttles that drive tech workers from the city to Silicon Valley. For some city residents, the shuttles are about as welcome as a computer virus.
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Des mines anti-personelles dans le Plan Nord!

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Anti-personal mines in the Plan Nord!

During the month of March, a poster was placed at the entrance to the phase A section of the highway 167 development project that will lead to the “Renard Project” and the Stornoway diamond mine. The poster read “Attention, mine anti-personnelle sur les prochains 10 km (Danger, explosive mines in the next 10 km)”.

During the same night, the SOQUEM office in the city of Chibougamau was vandalized. The facade of the building was completely covered in paint (by an extinguisher), including all the cameras. A window was smashed with a hammer and graffiti written saying “Fuck le Plan Nord”.

SOQUEM is one of the more active partners in the “Renard Project”. SOQUEM and its partners currently finance more than $10 million of exploration in Quebec.

Because life is out there

Fuck the Plan Nord and all mining companies!

Let’s continue the attacks!

– some anarchists

Fuck le Plan Nord

Durant le mois de mars, une affiche a été posée sur la route 167 au début de la phase A du projet de développement qui conduira au Projet Renard et à la mine de diamant de Stornoway. L’affiche indiquait «Attention, mine anti-personnelle sur les prochains 10 km».

Dans la même nuit, le bureau de SOQUEM à Chibougamau à été vandalisé. La façade avant du building à été complétement recouverte de peinture (à l’aide d’un extincteur), incluant les caméras. Une vitrine a été fracassé à l’aide d’un marteau et un graffiti disant «Fuck le Plan Nord» a été ecrit.

SOQUEM est l’un des plus actifs partenaires du Projet Renard. SOQUEM et ses partenaires consacrent actuellement plus de 10 M$ en travaux d’exploration au Québec.

Fuck le Plan Nord et toutes les compagnies minières!

Continuons les attaques!

– des anarchistes

Source: Anews

CKUT radio: Gitz Crazyboy on the tar sands

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Years of big dirty money for global corporate crooks, devastating machinery of massive Earth rape; dispossessed Natives, demoralized by crack, abuse, bought silence; and the land & rivers polluted to ludicrous levels; this is what Canada looks like…

"Canada: a country of vast spaces & beautiful wilderness!" (from a tourist pamphlet)

Here’s an interview with kindigenous youth activist Gitz Crazyboy from Fort Chipewyan, speaking in Montreal. This interview details the environmental impacts of the Alberta tar sands on surrounding ecosystems and water ways like the Athabasca River.

In this interview Crazyboy also details first hand experiences of the health challenges facing indigenous communities close to the major tar sands operations, specifically in Fort Chipewyan and Fort MacKay. Also this interview highlights the complicity of the current Conservative government in the tar sands industry.

For more information on indigenous opposition to the tar sands visit the Indigenous Environment Network at

Source article

Pacific Trails Pipeline and Taseko Mines thugs kicked out of native land

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Indigenous land defenders block pipeline and mining equipment from entering into their territories
by Vancouver Media Co-op

Indigenous people in two separate locations in occupied British Columbia have been forced to mobilize in defence of the land over the past week, blocking machinery and corporate personnel from accessing their territories.  The Likhts’amisyu and Unist’ot’en clans of the Wet’swet’en nation have long opposed the Pacific Trails Pipeline, and have taken many steps to defend their land to stop the project. Further south, on November 12th members of the Tsilhqot’in Nation confronted employees of Taseko Mines Lmited, who had trespassed into their traditional territories.

On November 7th, members of the Likhts’amisyu and Unist’ot’en received an anonymous tip that heavy equipment and staff from the Pacific Trails Pipeline (PTP) project, were moving into their territory. PTP is a proposed liquified natural gas pipeline that would cut across unsurrendered indigenous lands in BC. After receiving the information, a small group from both clans mobilized to secure the area and escort the equipment and personnel out. Members of the group created a sign reading « “Road Closed 2 P.T.P. Drillers” and guarded the road to ensure no corporate personnel entered. Early in the morning of November 8th, the land defenders had their first encounter with PTP workers.

« I approached the first vehicle which was a white Budget Rental jeep and asked the lone occupant if he was there for the Pacific Trails Pipeline company,  » said Dini Ze’ Toghestiy hereditary chief of the Likhts’amisyu clan. « He answered ‘yes’ and I then sternly told him, ‘You realize that I can’t let you through. You will have to turn around.’ The individual then replied, ‘Understood, we will turn around and go.' »

After the vehicles turned around the driver of a logging truck that waited until the road cleared, rolled down his window and yelled “Kick their ass!!! KICK THEIR ASS!!” in support of the of the Likhts’amisyu and Unist’ot’en defence.

After two days spent patrolling the area thorough heavy snow, and after several conversations with PTP employees, the group successfully ensured that all drilling equipment and personnel had left the area.

« We will fight what is happening in the Alberta tar sands and what is happening to their aquifers and we will also fight plans to destroy the aquifers on our side of the Rocky Mountains, »Toghestiy told the Vancouver Media Co-op via email. « You cannot make compromises with water – especially when everything depends on it.”

In another struggle which has also intensified over the past week, Taseko Mines Limited (TML) has continued to seek government approval for the « Prosperity » copper mine on Tsilhqot’in land, closer to Williams Lake. After the first TML proposal was turned down last year, another version of the same proposal was resubmitted and is now under review by a panel from the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency.

According to an account of the incident sent to the Vancouver Media Co-op, Chief Marilyn Baptiste told TML employees that « …they were trespassing on traditional territory, that they were not authorized to be on the Tsilhqot’in traditional territory, and that B.C. does not have jurisdiction there. »

In response, TML filed a petition in court to prevent further interference with their exploration.

“We are seeking every reasonable path available to us, despite our limited resources, to ensure that Tsilhqot’in rights are protected in the face of a company and a government that do not understand how unique and important this area is to our communities,” said Chief Joe Alphonse, Chair of the Tsilhqot’in National Government.  “We view the B.C. exploration permits as illegal as they have failed to accommodate our already proven Aboriginal rights to this area – rights which will be adversely impacted by the significant amount of roads, drilling and test pits proposed by the company.”

Both groups had representatives at the Second Indigenous Gathering against Mining and Pipelines in Vancouver last week, and have vowed to continue to work in their own territories as well as in support of each other, in the face of destructive new projects.

The Tsilhqot’in as well as the The Likhts’amisyu and Unist’ot’en are seeking support in their struggle against industry’s encroachment in their lands. To support the Tsilhqot’in contact JP Laplante at 250-392-3918 or email To join the struggle against the Pacific Trails Pipeline visit

The Tsilhqot’in need support in court on November 19th. Click here for details

A day of action against the Pacific Trails Pipeline is scheduled for December 9th. Click here for details.