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Against the dictatorship of technology…

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Genoa, Italy: Sabotage Against Italsite Spa In Solidarity With Anarchist Prisoners

From Contrainfo, translated by Insurrection News

The present society is without doubt best described as a technocratic system where global science operates unrestrained and the products they put on the market dominate and govern life.

The multinational companies maintain their dominion over the planet via the States and their international institutions (UN, EU, IMF, ECB).

The hyper-technological society is the perfect accompaniment to meet two primary requirements of Power: profit and social control.
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A house is to be taken, a rent not to be paid!

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On the ongoing rise of the (new) squatter movement in Torino, Italy

Translated from

Torino: evictions/sfratti defeated last January

In December 2012, a zine was released on the subject of the struggle against the sfratti in Torino.

Lutte contre les sfratti à Turin (English translation in the works).

At large, this booklet was a compilation of texts, consisting as much subjective stories (allowing to understand the practices put at play) than more theorical reflexions on the perspectives of this ongoing struggle.

What is a sfratti?

A sfratto (sfratti in the plural form) is the legal eviction from an apartment, following an unpaid rent or lease.

This last January 19th, a demonstration took place in the streets of Torino, against the sfratti. The following text, translated from italian, initially published on the Macerie web site, reviews this day of action.

Basta sfratti!

Saturday afternoon, a procession of 300 persons has crossed Barriera di Milano, Aurora, Borgo Dora and Porta Palazzo for protesting against the sfratti. Fronted by two dumpsters, a symbol of the barricades that defend the pickets against the cops, and a large banner with the clear message: “basta sfratti”. A slogan that, for this demo, is more a statement of fact than an actual demand.

Behind a 3-wheeler truck, a merry and colorful march, composed of occupiers of houses, resisting sfrattandi, comrades, supporters, and some persons who joined the march along the way. Between flyers in italian and arab, the speeches on microphones and the slogans, such as “sfratto after sfratto, rage is rising, the house is to be taken, the rent not to be paid”, “house landlords and bosses of the energy industry, the irritated poor will kick you out”, “locksmiths and bailiffs: stooges of the banks, cops and landlords!”, “for every sfratto a barricade, for every eviction an occupied house”, the demonstration has aptly communicate the reasons behind the resistance to the sfratti, its strength, as well as designating its enemies.

The protest ended with a vast amout of satisfaction and the certainty that the struggle against the sfratti has yet again grown stronger than before. And between smiles, hugs, jokes and kisses, we heard saying that we had to take some rest for a few days onward to waking up at dawn, next Tuesday, be ready and carry some coffee while listening to Radio Blackout to know at which picket to go!

For those familiar with the italian language, here’s some audio taken during the protest:

Tuesday January 22nd

At least 12 sfratti in the same day, nine pickets with barricades, nine postponements conquered through struggle.

First “3rd Tuesday of the year” (even if today was the fourth, that doesn’t change much) where the strategy of the  to concentrate the sfratti on a same date seems to actually be accumulating… postponements. But a beautiful and authentic saga of barricades spreading through the city, with blockades of dumpsters from San Donato to Borgo Vittoria (via BOngiovanni), from Aurora to Barriera (via Palestine, via Palestrina, via Feletto, via Elvo, via Soana and via Sesia) all the way to the Municipio (Piazza Palazzo di Cita). In none of these places, the police intervenes. In most cases, they even are nowhere to be seen. Everywhere, postponements from one to five months -all, as you may guess, postponed to a third Tuesday of the month- and we heard that in Barriera, in at least two sfratto where there weren’t even pickets, the police escorted the bailiff to the gate of the building only to… give the notice of postponement.
It seems so that the order of the prefecture was only: “do not evict, I repeat, do not evict”. Certainly not for the democratic ambitions of an hysterical president of circonscription who wishes to see the prefecture act with an iron hand in white gloves. The prefecture concedes the postponements not out of charity but fear. But it may not be the fear of a minority of “anarcho-insurrectionals” or their comrades, but rather that of a “latent violence” that the leaders reunited at a summit on security will obviously take into account; this fear that the first opportunity may explode a social rage that’s been burrowed under decades of blows dealt by the mighty, with rigor and austerity, upon the heads of the exploited. So it seems to be a question of balance of power, but not really of mere muscular strenght. Means and men, the prefecture has a lot to spare, and today at the antisfratto pickets we’ve seen several armored vehicles packed with carabinieri. They could at least have tried to execute the sfratti left undefended by pickets as they have do over the past, but now they had chose to simply not attack. They have prefered distributing the postponement notices to everybody, by taking the precaution to schedule them to a new “3rd Tuesday of the month”.

And now that we’re recovering our breath as we already are preparing towars the next pickets and the upcoming great days of struggle, there may be some time left to ask some questions to ourselves. How are the landlords reacting to this, since their “unions” are staying silent, although most probably working in the shadows? And what will the prefecture do, since it cannot keep on postponing so many sfratti one after the other? They probably are making study the field, waiting that the first hot days of the spring, frees up some places in the homeless shelters, since over the past they’ve offered this solution to some to those who were evicted.

Maybe are they waiting for new social housing to be attributed, and hoping to gather a few pennies to invest out of the already negatively-balanced public funds. Just to have a charity basket to pass around as the cop batons are really gonna fall down on people’s heads.

But for the moment, resistance to the sfratti has gained yet another small victory, and can merrily reassert that for the landlords in Torino -or at least in some neighborhoods- it has now become difficult to evict people.
Making the walls speak
Communique for an attack

January 25th

In the night, about thirty hooded people have strolled through a few streets of Barriera di Milano. The small crowd has let behind several tags against the banks, the landlords, the State and their cops. At least two bank branches (…) have seen their CCTV cameras and their ATMs smashed, and the future police station of via banfo has been covered with tags.

To be continued…

Original texts posted on Macerie

« Fire to the banks », « Enter here, exploiters », « the banks evict people », « If Monti is cutting our rations, we’ll take them back », « Steal the bosses »

The invisible hand of the markets, too, is an iron hand

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Syria? No, Italy!

“Despite everything, brother, I really hoped I would hear you smile tonight…on the contrary…it wasn’t enough that they judged your murder a lawful murder. After 11 years, they still wanted some more lives. And not the lives of those who murdered, tortured, battered, or the lives of those who ordered the beatings and covered them up. Once again, they’ve taken the lives of our comrades, of our brothers and sisters. They called a few broken windows “devastation and looting”; some of those windows – maybe – broken by the Genoa defendants. They called the coma, the broken bones and teeth, the blood, the tortures and the threats “false evidence” – all of those caused by the same police forces they didn’t even want to identify. They judged it was all legitimate: the hole the bullet made in your head, the devastation the defender made on your body, the wound a rock made on your forehead, while you were lying on the ground among dozens of boots, when your heart still screamed. They judged it was legitimate to loot your life, and today the looting of more lives”.

– Elena Giuliani, Carlo’s sister

Genoa 2001: two of the activists sentenced last week are untraceable

Francesco Puglisi and Vincenzo Vecchi, the two of the’Genoa 10′ to receive the most severe sentences for crimes of “devastation and looting” – 15 and 13 years – are untraceable since Sunday, the same day Genoa’s Supreme Tribunal ordered them to be incarcerated.

Another two, Alberto Funaro and Marina Cugnaschi, were immediately imprisoned. Ines Morasca, sentenced to 6 years and 6 months, had her prison sentence suspended due to parental duties (she has a very young child). The remaining five, as mentioned in my previous article, have been granted right to appeal against some of the charges and will have to find evidence that they carried out crimes of “devastation and looting” as a result of the influence of the ‘mob mentality’ around them.

Over the last few decades a new “political culture”, by some portrayed as “progressive”, has made its way into Italy. Its mottoes and slogans are banal and conservative: “defend legality”, “act within the law”, etc. Various political groups and parties claim that only people without any conviction have the right to get involved in politics and be given public offices. According to this “culture”, our comrades who have been recently sentenced should be forever kept away from social and political movements…?! How can the same twisted minds be in favour of changing the rules and at the same time have respect for those same rules that need to be changed?! The recent victims of State repression fought to change the “law”, and in doing so expressed the foremost and highest of all “public” rights, that of free expression. Why should they now be expelled from the political life? Should Aung San Suu Kyi have been prevented from running for the elections just because the State she lives in had labelled her as “illegal” and imprisoned her for years?

During Berlusconi’s government, and with the complacency of current Prime Minister Monti, several important laws relating to money-laundering, working rights, etc, were abolished. Just because someone decided they weren’t “legal” anymore. During the Fascist regime, the abhorrent racial laws were classed as “legal”. This fetishisation of the law needs to be looked at from a fresh perspective; only then can we see it: law and justice never correspond. Actually, the first is often a negation of the latter.

Solidarity for the fugitives and the « illegals »

*   *   *

Addresses to write to Alberto Funaro and Marina Cugnaschi:

Alberto Funaro
c/o Casa circondariale di Rebibbia
Via Raffaele Majetti 70
00156 Roma

Marina Cugnaschi
c/o Casa Circondariale San Vittore
Piazza Filangieri 2
20123 Milano

Verdict for the Genoa 10: guilty!

source: Italy calling

Italy: these last few days in the « No Tav » struggle

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A summary of the latest events Baita Clarea is an area in Val Susa where works for the implementation of the TAV were due to start soon. On Monday 27th February the forces of order proceeded to evict and expropriate the land in Baita Clarea in order to clear the way for the devastating high speed railway works. On the same day Luca Abba’, a resident of the Val Susa whose land was also expropriated, climbed a pylon in an attempt to block the ongoing military operation. The cops ordered Luca to come down without taking precautions for his safety, pushing him even higher and failing to cut off the electricity of the pylon. As a result, Luca was electrocuted and fell several metres below. Rescue was delayed by cordons of antiriot cops but finally Luca was taken to hospital by helicopter. He is now out of danger although his conditions remain very serious.

Barricades were set up by NO TAV people in the area, which has been declared a ‘strategic site of national interest’.
Protests and blockages are being organized all over Italy.
The faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Bologna has been occupied in solidarity with the struggle in Val Susa. Here is the communiqué of the occupiers:


On 27th February 2012 the military machinery of the State attacked the people of Val Susa, by expropriating and destroying lands with bulldozers and truncheons, in order to carry on the insane project for the construction of the TAV.

Among the NO TAV activists who opposed the invasion Luca, a comrade whose land was expropriated by the CMC Company, climbed a pylon to block the advance of the bulldozers.

As cops tried to pull him down, Luca continued to climb the pylon until he was electrocuted by a 15,000 volts electric shock and fell down to the ground.

In spite of the fact that rescue was hampered for almost an hour by cordons of antiriot cops, Luca is now out of danger, even if his conditions remain very serious.

But this is not enough to placate our anger!!! That pylon should have been insulated, police knew this but didn’t do anything, on the contrary they pushed Luca even higher.


It is therefore clear how chief police Manganelli declared war to the valley and to all the people who are resisting, when a few days ago, plainly speaking, he said there would be a dead in Val Susa.

The area of the yard has been declared ‘strategic site of national interest’, which means military occupation and legitimizes unconditional recourse to the violence of the State.

The people of the valley and others in solidarity have immediately occupied the highway close to the yard in different spots, so as to block the access of both the forces of order and the TAV workers.

Since the first hours a great number of diversified actions of solidarity have been carried out in 26 cities [around 80 by now], thus provoking damages and disruptions to the TAV traffic all over the country.

Moreover the solidarity attack went beyond the sector of transport, like all the workers who went on strike on the same morning.

We are aware of the fact that the high speed railway goes across the entire country and that the NO TAV is not confined to the Val Susa and to a single project.



NO TAV solidarity from Bologna, Tuesday 28th February 2012.

Source: 325 (a proxy, or Tor, is recommended to view this site)

No TAV info site (Italian)

Breaking news: State repression of dissent adds oil to the fire of revolt!

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Italy & Netherlands: Solidarity attacks for the anarchists arrested in Bologna
Posted on April 28, 2011 by Gabriella Segata Antolini
Rovereto, Italy – Wind Mobile repeater mast set on fire in solidarity with those arrested in Bologna

informa-azione via angry news:local press 23/04/2011 – Anarchist writing on the wall, claim related to the arrests of Bologna
VOLANO (near Rovereto). “Repeaters: environmental and social harm. Solidarity with the comrades of Bologna.” The anarchist signature is written in black spray paint on the wall near the railway underpass. The Wind (cellphone) tower, which stands in the countryside of Volano was set on fire during the night. No witness, the area is isolated and uninhabited, especially in the middle of the night. The damage is beyond question, it remains to be discovered what fuel was used for priming.
Amsterdam – Fur shops and petrol pumps sabotaged in solidarity with the comrades arrersted in Bologna

informa-azione via angry news:
on the night of Sunday to Monday a group of comrades sabotage 2 fur shops and a petrol station in Amsterdam .. the fur shop got damaged by breaking the windows and sending smoke bombs inside (ALF) and the other action was made by ELF sabotaging a petrol station in solidarity with the comrades of Bologna we will not stop until everyone is free
ELF/ALF has resurrected? Well, looks like it…

Arlon, Ghlin, Antwerp, Belgium – Hundreds of cars attacked

Wednesday, May 4 2011

suie e cendres
1/05/2011 – Arlon – Tires of 61 cars slashed and confrontations with the cops
In Arlon the tires of 61 cars were flattened. Some cars had only holes in one tire, others had 2, 3 or 4 flat tires. The mayor as well as the Public Prosecuter indicated they have no clue to the perpetraitors neither the motives. According to some police officers the act can be the result of a control earlier in the evening. The police action in the surroundings of a bar faced resistance of a group of youngsters. Resulting in confrontations while projectiles were thrown towards the cops. Someone was arrested and the disorder continued in front of the police station. This was still going on when the first citizens came to file a complaint due to their flat tires.01/05/2011 – Ghlin – The manager of the Daihatsu AD Motors car dealership can still not believe his eyes. A fire has totally destroyed 11 vehicles in the night of Friday. The cars were parked outside, behind the showroom. The police suspect that unknown have thrown molotovs over the fences that are 3 to 4 meters high. For them it is certain that the fire was intentional. Their labo was there to search for fingerprints. « I cannot understand. Why did they do this? We don’t have any enemies, we don’t suspect anyone. We are a serious business! ». The dealership had some attempts at burglary in the past, but the alarm always did its work.

25/04/2011 – Antwerp – Hundreds of tires 4×4 flattened
Activists flatten tires of a few hundred vehicles and leave a note where they encourage to use bikes and less toxic cars, demand free public transport and an interdiction of using all terrain vehicles. At least 50 owners of this vehicle filed a complaint to the police.