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CKUT radio: Gitz Crazyboy on the tar sands

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Years of big dirty money for global corporate crooks, devastating machinery of massive Earth rape; dispossessed Natives, demoralized by crack, abuse, bought silence; and the land & rivers polluted to ludicrous levels; this is what Canada looks like…

"Canada: a country of vast spaces & beautiful wilderness!" (from a tourist pamphlet)

Here’s an interview with kindigenous youth activist Gitz Crazyboy from Fort Chipewyan, speaking in Montreal. This interview details the environmental impacts of the Alberta tar sands on surrounding ecosystems and water ways like the Athabasca River.

In this interview Crazyboy also details first hand experiences of the health challenges facing indigenous communities close to the major tar sands operations, specifically in Fort Chipewyan and Fort MacKay. Also this interview highlights the complicity of the current Conservative government in the tar sands industry.

For more information on indigenous opposition to the tar sands visit the Indigenous Environment Network at

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MEND resistants re-launching attacks on the oil industry, Niger Delta

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18 November 2011, Sweetcrude, Yenagoa –Gunmen attacked and hijacked an oil supply vessel contracted by US major, Chevron, off the Nigerian coast early on Friday.

“The MV Endeavour was off the coast, serving Chevron’s Agbami field, when gunmen boarded it in the very early hours,” Reuters quoted a security source as saying.

Sources said three men (attributed to be part of the Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta) may have been kidnapped in the incident which happened off the coast of Bayelsa State.

It is the second attack by armed men on Chevron-contracted vessels off the coast of the state this month.

Chevron said it was investigating the situation but had no further comment.

Experts say recent attacks on ships in the Gulf of Guinea threaten the region’s position as an emerging trade hub that is an increasingly important source of oil, metals and agricultural products such as cocoa for world markets.


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Nov. 7th: N’Delta militants Threaten Renewed Attacks

Previous attacks, in the last year…

Car Bombs Rattle Attempt to Renew Amnesty Process, Threats to Oil Production Intensify

Agip Oil Platform Bombed in Niger Delta – March16th

MEND Claims Oil Pipeline Attack – Nov. 23 2011

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