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Rome: autoroute bloquée/cramée en solidarité avec les prisonniers du NoTAV

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De Chat noir émeutier

En solidarité avec les compagnons arrêtés le 9 Décembre 2013, accusés d’actions contre le train à grande vitesse, le lundi 27 Janvier en début de soirée, un groupe d’une vingtaine d’anarchistes a interrompu la circulation sur la rocade à proximité de la nouvelle gare Tiburtina, qui sera bientôt consacré au TAV.

En ralentissant le trafic avec des fumigènes et des torches sur une autoroute, nous avons lancé des poubelles à travers les rues attachées ensemble avec du fil d’acier, à laquelle nous avons accroché une banderole en solidarité et contre les conditions d’isolement dans lesquelles les prisonniers révolutionnaires se trouvent actuellement. Enfin, les bennes à ordures ont rapidement pris feu !

Salutations à tous les prisonniers révolutionnaires !

Liberté pour tous !

Le terroriste c’est l’État !

Plus tôt à Burgos…

Rome: Highway blocked/bured in solidarity with the four NoTAV prisoners

From Contrainfo, published on Earth First! Newswire

In solidarity with the comrades arrested on December 9th, 2013 accused of actions against the high-speed rail, on Monday, January 27th, in the early evening, a group of some twenty anarchists interrupted traffic on the eastern ring road near the new Tiburtina railway station, which will soon be dedicated to the TAV.

Slowing down the traffic with smoke bombs and torches on a road of fast traveling, we put out dumpsters on the street bonded together with steel wire, to which we tied a banner in solidarity and against the isolation conditions in which the revolutionary prisoners find themselves right now. Finally the dumpsters went up into flames!

Greetings to all revolutionary prisoners!
Freedom for all!
Terrorist is the State!

NoTAV: The whole World reflected in a fragment

Four banks attacked in Montreal

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Because capitalism is totalitarian.

Because financial institutions, Desjardins banks included, are agents of this domination. Because they are responsible for the financial crisis, yet always come out on top. Because the condition of their existence is the negation of ours.

Because the politicians, no matter the party, are also agents of this system. Because they accept the rules of a game in which we are first to lose. Because they blindly embrace the hegemonic ideology of zero deficit, of State austerity measures, of growth and profit at any price.

Because the banks are the pillars of this structure which objectifies us, trades us, commodifies us.

We attacked and smashed four banks with rocks, hammers, and paint in the neighborhoods of Hochelaga and Plateau-Mt-Royal. We also vandalized the ATMs.

We know that we only struck the symbols of this domination. But the conflict takes place everyday; when you have to pay to eat, pay to go to school (which is itself subsumed to the reproduction of Capital), when the landlord comes for the rent, when the repossession agency knocks at the door.

Solidarity with the Pacific Northwest Grand Jury resistors who, despite the risk of imprisonment, refuse to bow down to the demands of the State and Capital.

– some anarchists

Source: Anews

A house is to be taken, a rent not to be paid!

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On the ongoing rise of the (new) squatter movement in Torino, Italy

Translated from

Torino: evictions/sfratti defeated last January

In December 2012, a zine was released on the subject of the struggle against the sfratti in Torino.

Lutte contre les sfratti à Turin (English translation in the works).

At large, this booklet was a compilation of texts, consisting as much subjective stories (allowing to understand the practices put at play) than more theorical reflexions on the perspectives of this ongoing struggle.

What is a sfratti?

A sfratto (sfratti in the plural form) is the legal eviction from an apartment, following an unpaid rent or lease.

This last January 19th, a demonstration took place in the streets of Torino, against the sfratti. The following text, translated from italian, initially published on the Macerie web site, reviews this day of action.

Basta sfratti!

Saturday afternoon, a procession of 300 persons has crossed Barriera di Milano, Aurora, Borgo Dora and Porta Palazzo for protesting against the sfratti. Fronted by two dumpsters, a symbol of the barricades that defend the pickets against the cops, and a large banner with the clear message: “basta sfratti”. A slogan that, for this demo, is more a statement of fact than an actual demand.

Behind a 3-wheeler truck, a merry and colorful march, composed of occupiers of houses, resisting sfrattandi, comrades, supporters, and some persons who joined the march along the way. Between flyers in italian and arab, the speeches on microphones and the slogans, such as “sfratto after sfratto, rage is rising, the house is to be taken, the rent not to be paid”, “house landlords and bosses of the energy industry, the irritated poor will kick you out”, “locksmiths and bailiffs: stooges of the banks, cops and landlords!”, “for every sfratto a barricade, for every eviction an occupied house”, the demonstration has aptly communicate the reasons behind the resistance to the sfratti, its strength, as well as designating its enemies.

The protest ended with a vast amout of satisfaction and the certainty that the struggle against the sfratti has yet again grown stronger than before. And between smiles, hugs, jokes and kisses, we heard saying that we had to take some rest for a few days onward to waking up at dawn, next Tuesday, be ready and carry some coffee while listening to Radio Blackout to know at which picket to go!

For those familiar with the italian language, here’s some audio taken during the protest:

Tuesday January 22nd

At least 12 sfratti in the same day, nine pickets with barricades, nine postponements conquered through struggle.

First “3rd Tuesday of the year” (even if today was the fourth, that doesn’t change much) where the strategy of the  to concentrate the sfratti on a same date seems to actually be accumulating… postponements. But a beautiful and authentic saga of barricades spreading through the city, with blockades of dumpsters from San Donato to Borgo Vittoria (via BOngiovanni), from Aurora to Barriera (via Palestine, via Palestrina, via Feletto, via Elvo, via Soana and via Sesia) all the way to the Municipio (Piazza Palazzo di Cita). In none of these places, the police intervenes. In most cases, they even are nowhere to be seen. Everywhere, postponements from one to five months -all, as you may guess, postponed to a third Tuesday of the month- and we heard that in Barriera, in at least two sfratto where there weren’t even pickets, the police escorted the bailiff to the gate of the building only to… give the notice of postponement.
It seems so that the order of the prefecture was only: “do not evict, I repeat, do not evict”. Certainly not for the democratic ambitions of an hysterical president of circonscription who wishes to see the prefecture act with an iron hand in white gloves. The prefecture concedes the postponements not out of charity but fear. But it may not be the fear of a minority of “anarcho-insurrectionals” or their comrades, but rather that of a “latent violence” that the leaders reunited at a summit on security will obviously take into account; this fear that the first opportunity may explode a social rage that’s been burrowed under decades of blows dealt by the mighty, with rigor and austerity, upon the heads of the exploited. So it seems to be a question of balance of power, but not really of mere muscular strenght. Means and men, the prefecture has a lot to spare, and today at the antisfratto pickets we’ve seen several armored vehicles packed with carabinieri. They could at least have tried to execute the sfratti left undefended by pickets as they have do over the past, but now they had chose to simply not attack. They have prefered distributing the postponement notices to everybody, by taking the precaution to schedule them to a new “3rd Tuesday of the month”.

And now that we’re recovering our breath as we already are preparing towars the next pickets and the upcoming great days of struggle, there may be some time left to ask some questions to ourselves. How are the landlords reacting to this, since their “unions” are staying silent, although most probably working in the shadows? And what will the prefecture do, since it cannot keep on postponing so many sfratti one after the other? They probably are making study the field, waiting that the first hot days of the spring, frees up some places in the homeless shelters, since over the past they’ve offered this solution to some to those who were evicted.

Maybe are they waiting for new social housing to be attributed, and hoping to gather a few pennies to invest out of the already negatively-balanced public funds. Just to have a charity basket to pass around as the cop batons are really gonna fall down on people’s heads.

But for the moment, resistance to the sfratti has gained yet another small victory, and can merrily reassert that for the landlords in Torino -or at least in some neighborhoods- it has now become difficult to evict people.
Making the walls speak
Communique for an attack

January 25th

In the night, about thirty hooded people have strolled through a few streets of Barriera di Milano. The small crowd has let behind several tags against the banks, the landlords, the State and their cops. At least two bank branches (…) have seen their CCTV cameras and their ATMs smashed, and the future police station of via banfo has been covered with tags.

To be continued…

Original texts posted on Macerie

« Fire to the banks », « Enter here, exploiters », « the banks evict people », « If Monti is cutting our rations, we’ll take them back », « Steal the bosses »

March 15th: the vengeance… « Fight the Police! »

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A compilation of three texts published on Sabotagemedia about last week’s riot against Police violence and the events that led to it…

Part 1: A Day of Struggle in Montreal: Innu solidarity, citizen-cops, wild protest and the pigs revenge

On Monday, March 12th, a chain of events has spanned for the whole day until late in the night.

It all began early in the day with a protest in solidarity with the Innu  people who recently suffered repression from the SQ (provincial police) in their blockade of road 138 against the Hydro-Québec projects on their land. The protest of about 150 people started at Square Phillips at around 12:30 to go in front of the offices of Hydro-Quebec (where cops obviously were blocking the doors) by chanting slogans like « North Plan, Death Plan », « No Quebec, No Canada, Death to all States » while distributing leaflets on the North Plan to pedestrians. After a few speeches the people then moved to the administrative offices of the UQAM and from this point the street in front of the building was occupied with a crowd that kept growing in numbers -as a reaction to the news of a lock-out of UQAM- all up until the night where a « Creation Night » event had been planned.

In Montreal, white walls are a common denominator to fascist landlords and the wider bureaucratic patriarchy... but from another angle, blank canvases waiting to be painted

During this Creation Night, some were painting on the street, others played music, among others local band « Mise en Demeure » have played a full set of songs making fun at pacifists and cops. Many were drinking beer sitting on a part of the furniture from the UQAM building ended up in the street; chairs, desks, tables and sofas.

Around 11 PM, tension has started to rise as the citizen-cops started to attempt a clean up and enforcing the law to « put back things at their place » as others kept taking the furniture out in the street. A person ripped chairs from the hands of a hooded comrade and attempted to rip his mask off, which got him a well-deserved punch in the face. It’s simple : if you act like cops you are joining the enemy so you will be treated as such. Wanna play cops? Face the consequences.

After a short confrontation between the citizen-cops and the masked men, a crowd of about 200 people detached itself and went strolling in the street shouting anti-pacifist slogans and leaving on their tracks many walls and one cop car covered with anti-police and circled A graffiti. When the crowd arrived near the building of La Presse -the most mainstream bourgeois, reactionary newspaper in Quebec, one of Quebec’s « Fourth Branch » of the State- its windows we shattered to bits (the news outlet itself was forced to report on it… downplaying it as a mere « isolated » act… of +200 protesters!) and once more the citizen-cops or undercovers -the only difference being their paycheck- showed up and attacked a masked comrade, but this time the masked people fought back collectively and, defending their comrades, pushed back the attack. The crowd then dispersed not long after with any arrests, even though there are rumors that one was arrested during the protest.

A bit later at around 1 AM, about fifteen people who were chilling out drinking beer in a collective space received a visit from an entire cops squad. The situation quickly escalated seemingly after a bottle of beer was seen outside (???). Many people were sprayed, about twenty cops rushed in aggressively as if it was a raid, with batons in their hands, some in riot gear and with a dog. There has been five arrests. Outside the riot squad was deployed for dispersing the people who gathered at the street corner.

Social war and complicity!

Citizen-cops fuck off!

Part 2: Kidnapping, pre-emptive arrests and Hollywood-style fascism

This is related to events that happened on March 15th, a few hours before the anti-police protest that became famous in the media these last few days.

On March 15h, around Noon, a comrade was kidnapped by policemen in plain clothes as she was doing her morning jugging run near her place, in the Hochelaga neighborhood. As she was exiting a backstreet, her run was interrupted par the arrival of a grey family minivan. A tall and muscular man came out of the minivan. At the same time, another car rushed in diagonally, and a third one, from behind in the backstreet. Our comrade was cornered. The tall and muscular man addressed her by saying : « Hi ***, I am an agent of the Montrea Police departement. You’re under arrest, we have a warrant against you. You must follow us. »

Our comrade then answer : Who are you? What is your warrant? Why are you arresting me? Where are you taking me? » as the undercover cop was putting her handcuffs, right in the street. Our comrade screamed in the hope of being heard by pedestrians. Two minutes later, she was in the mini-van, on its way to the East Operations Center escorted by two undercover cops who refused to explain the motives of her arrest warrant. In fact, they completely ignored what these were.

Arrived at the Est Operations Center, cops seem confused on the motives of the arrest warrant. Our friend called her lawyer, who tries to set the records straight. Her and the lawyer are bot amazed, since her judicial file was up to date.

At last, the cops reveal the motives of this warrant. It was about a warrant related to her absence at the court during an order that was to happen a month and a half back, on January 31st 2012, over a bullshit breach of condition that happened on September 12th 2011. Our friend and her lawyer both ignored the existence of this alleged court appointment. Hence why she did not show up. Following her absence at this alleged date of court, an arrest warrant was emitted against her, on February 2012. (We are sorry for the ambiguity of details… our friend desires to not expose her criminal record too openly).

A month and a half has passed and now it’s March 15th, international day against police brutality, that this warrant has been used.

It’s by meeting with the chief in(ve)stigator for the operations of repression planned for controlling the protest on March 15th that our comrade was confirmed that her arrest was linked to the March 15th demo.

The man in question was named inspector D’Amour (or L’Amour). Bragging to have 28 years of experience in the police, this bastard said to be in charge for the case of the March 15th protest and confirmed to our friend that the targeted arrests would be part of this years repression of this year’s protest. So, these morons waited for March 15th to use their warrant against our friend (a legally obtained warrant, but that was completely unnecessary in this context and was openly used to intimidate her). The next morning, on March 16th, our friend was brought to municipal court, where a judge released her under the promise that she would be present at every upcoming court orders.

According to our comprehension, the undercover cop cars were parked in front of our friend’s residence waiting for her to get out, for a period of time we don’t know, so they’d then be stalking her.

We also know that there are other places/persons who are being followed, watched, taken pictures of. We’re not intent to feed paranoia, but want to share this experience so each and everyone stays vigilant. These morons have nothing better to do in their lives than stalk us in our everyday life. Fuck them.

This scene was worthy of a Hollywood movie. As far as we know, there has been other targeted arrests, but none of this kind. So it’s very important to make this info spread because the situation is very worrying. These filthy cops must know that their intimidation tactics does not impress us and that, together, our though hearts are stronger than everything.

Part3: March 15th, a Night of Reckoning

On the evening of March 15 (international day against police brutality) in Montreal, although riot pigs were all over, they clearly lost control of the city center for several hours.

Already in the afternoon, the Berri-UQAM station was filled with riot cops inside and outside, the sky with helicopters, patrols of pigs in the streets and later riot squads and horsemen. Even with this display of force they weren’t up to the task. Proof that here as elsewhere revolt is more than possible. We can even thank in part the cops on Thursday for the riot, they fed it and gave it strength.

They gave it strength when they charged the demo of a few thousand people on Sherbrooke after twenty minutes of sloganeering and anti-cop graffiti, which resulted in several pacifist hippie parasites and the self-described students with the bourgeois leftist mentality to go home. The ones who wanted more than to take a walk wondering what the fuck they were doing in another pathetic ritual of slogans, divided into smaller mobile groups that dispersed and reformed to fucked shit up all night long.

The cops also fueled it when they attacked with their arsenal the people downtown, on St Catherine. From then on the rage was unleashed on the streets. There were probably also many bored young people who are regularly targets of profiling and saw there a great opportunity for their turn to piss on the cops and it wasn’t to long for it to come. As this same line of cops was advancing they took a volley of stones, bottles and a molotov and in an attempt to block the road further, the riot pigs fled from the crowd coming on each side. Moments later, while bins were flying down the street and into a few shop windows, the crowd fell on a brand new cop car, pigs included. The car was attacked with projectiles and you could see the terror and panic in the face of the two cops as they fled the crowd charging on the car. Later a vandalized cop car was flipped over.

By late evening a crowd gathered again at the Berri Square, where it had all begun, to leave once again. It’s when the crowd dispersed to Maisonneuve and Ontario that the cops surrounded people on the sidewalk to make a mass arrest. They held the crowd of about 200 people surrounded for several hours and then filled some buses and took them to a police station in Langelier, far from downtown, where they proceeded to identify people and give them tickets for “gathering endangering peace” and release them, but not before having photographed them one-by-one. There was also during the day and evening several random arrests and others targeted.

March 15th is everyday!

The hatred for this rotten world and its cops, we carry it every single day!

Translated by Anabraxas  (« To the victor goes the spoils of war, fuckers! »)

and Sabotagemedia

Articles originaux en Français ici, ici et ici