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What is Colonialism: the comic

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Warrior Publications

A four part comic by Zig Zag, originally published in Broken Pencil magazine.

Colonialism Comic 1

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Mapping a plan to nowhere

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plannord imposed clean.cleaned-1-001

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The Plan Nord/Le Nord Pour Tous is a plan by the Quebec Government to invest in and promote resource extraction projects in Northern Quebec. Le Plan Nord was originally proposed by Jean Charest’s Liberal government in May 2011, and was presented as an economic development strategy to create job in quebec. When the Parti Quebecois replaced the Liberals in 2012, Le Plan Nord was simply slightly modified and re-named Le Nord Pour Tous. Under Le Nord Pour Tous, the quebec government plans to invest 1.368$ billion of public finds, from 2013-2018, into resource extraction projects and their associated infrastructure in Northern Quebec.
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Manif de solidarité avec les Innus contre le Plan Nord! / Solidarity Demo with the Innu against the North Plan

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Manifestation contre le Plan Nord et en solidarité avec le blocus Innu sur le 138

Lundi 12 mars, 12h Carré Phillips (métro McGill)

Depuis presque une semaine, les Innus de Uashat mak Mani-Utenam bloquent la route 138, empêchant les véhicules d’Hydro-Québec de se rendre jusqu’auchantier de la Romaine, où Hydro-Québec tente à construire quatre barrages sur la rivière Romaine. Les lignes de transport du projet traverseront le territoire traditionnel des Innus de Uashat mak Mani-Utenam. Jeudi dernier, quatre personnes ont reçu une injonction de la Cour supérieure du Québec, exigée par Hydro-Québec afin de mettre fin au blocage. La SQ s’apprête à réprimer les manifestantEs. Les barrages proposés fournira de l’électricité pour les raffineries d’aluminium et les projets miniers dans le cadre du Plan Nord, plan du gouvernement du Québec de ravager le nord du Québec, avec le développement de nombreux projets écologiquement dévastateurs planifié sur le territoire Innu, le Nitassinan, sans leur consentement .

Démontrons notre solidarité face au harcèlement juridique d’Hydro-Québec et à l’arrogance de l’État québécois. Opposons-nous à la répression policière annoncée de la SQ. Unissons-nous avec les Innus dans la défense de leur terre!


Demonstration Against the Plan Nord and in Solidarity with the Innu Blockade of the 138

Monday March 12th, 12pm Phillips Square (McGill Metro)

For almost a week, Innu from Uashat mak Mani-Utenam and supporters have been blocking Highway 138, preventing vehicles from Hydro-Quebec from going to the Romaine River, where Hydro-Québec is building of four hydro-electric dams and electrical transmission lines that will pass through the traditional territory of the Innu of Uashat mak Mani-Utenam. On Thursday four people received an injunction from the Superior Court of Quebec to end the blockade, filed by Hydro-Québec. The Sûreté du Québec is now preparing to crack down on the blockaders. The proposed dam will provide electricity for aluminum refineries and mining projects as part of the Plan Nord, the Québec government’s plan to ravage northern Québec, with many ecologically devastating projects slated for development on Innu territory, Nitassinan, without the consent of the Innu people.

Demonstrate our solidarity in the face of legal harassment by Hydro-Québec and the arrogance of the Québec state. Resist the police repression announced by the SQ. Unite with the Innu for the defense of their land!

Source: Grève Montréal

This fall: 4 days of resistance to the Harper/Atleo White Paper, a call-out!

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The Atleo/Harper White Paper furthers this agenda to further exploit us and undermine our resistance to projects like Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Pipeline, a $5.5 billion dollar mega-pipeline project opposed by 61 First Nations in BC alone. Atleo’s cozy ties with Enbridge guarantee him a piece of the pipeline pie, as he coaxed native groups in December 2010 to “explore ideas on how they can benefit from resource development projects they support.”

With over 500 years of colonization under our skin, we refuse to be sold out by Indian Agent Shawn Atleo: Our survival depends on resistance, unity on the ground in order to protect, defend and advance our sovereignty and our Treaty rights by every means by which our ancestors resisted and the coming generations deserve.

We call on Native communities, youth movements, organizations, groups and people in every territory and city to fast, raise our prayers, listen and speak among ourselves, and to take four days of coordinated direct action in Fall 2011 against this White Paper, not just to shut down the meeting itself but to shut down the economy these colonial powers seek to impose on our people.

We call on chiefs, councillors and all representative “provincial” native organizations to support and engage in these actions of necessary resistance and to withdraw all support from the AFN.

We also call on non-native allies in the wider movement to support our day-to-day struggles and coordinated direct action, based on our common humanity and the obligation of all settlers of occupied Indigenous territory to resist our shared enemies by strengthening respectful relationships with the land and our peoples.


From the Indigenous Capitalist Network

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