Saint-Jude (Québec), des milliers de visons libérés

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Version améliorée d’un article de Leur Presse


Un-e intrus-e a intentionnellement libéré 3000 visons d’une ferme en Montérégie, et certains d’entre eux pourraient s’être aventurés à l’extérieur de la Propriété, ont indiqué mercredi la Sûreté du Québec et les responsables de la faune.

La ferme de Saint-Jude était la cible d’allégations de mauvais traitement de ces animaux, et plusieurs groupes avaient tenté la semaine dernière de pressuriser le gouvernement à retirer jusqu’à 80 renards et plusieurs milliers de visons des installations.

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Sabotage anarchiste sur un McDonald’s en construction à Portland.

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Traduit et retransmis de Anews

Plus tôt cette semaine, plusieurs composantes d’équipement lourd, incluant un camion-bène et une pompe à eau, situés sur le chantier de construction d’un McDonald’s sur la 29ième à Portland Sud-Est, ont été sabotés en mettant de l’eau de javel dans leurs réservoirs à carburant.
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Line 9 blockade: injunction and three resisters detained… Need support!

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Dam Line 9 blockaders who were on their sixth day of occupying a Line 9 construction site were served an injunction around noon today. Most blockaders left the site, while two locked down to barrels to show their commitment to stopping Line 9 and tar sands expansion. Three people stayed on site to play support roles. Two were told they would not be arrested and yet all three were arrested an hour ago. Cops took away their food, blankets, and all other materials needed to stay safe while locked down. They were only left with a water each.

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"Rebel! Rebuild! Rewild!": Camp d’action de trois jours sur territoire non-cédé Algonquin

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Se rebeller ! Reconstruire ! Retourner à l’état naturel !

18 au 20 août 2014


Chères/chers éco-guerrières/éco-guerriers, défenseuses/défenseurs de la terre, jardinières/jardiniers de la guérilla, survivalistes, radicales amoureuses/radicaux amoureux de la nature et libres penseuses/libres penseurs,

Nous vivons au beau milieu d’une longue tempête faite de crises – changements climatiques, extinctions massives, acidification des océans, pic pétrolier, vol de terres, guerre des classes, etc. Harper voit le Canada comme une vaste colonie de ressources, où les ressources naturelles sont exploitées le plus rapidement possiblement pour satisfaire l’appétit de profit des plus grandes corporations de ce monde.

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Olympia: destruction of cars at Nissan dealer in solidarity with the E5 in Mexico

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From Anews

In the early hours of Friday, July 18th, we attacked the Nissan Dealership in the Olympia Automall by spraying brake fluid on and slashing the tires of new yet-to-be-sold cars. We did this in solidarity with Amelie, Carlos, and Fallon (Better known as the 5E3 Prisoners.).

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Mexique (E5): nouvelle lettre de Carlos Lopez "Chivo"

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Traduit et retransmis de Contrainfo et War on Society

Je débute cette lettre en envoyant mes sincères salutations aux compas hors de ces murs, en espérant que les rythmes à l’unisson de la rébellion continuent de battre dans leurs coeurs et que ça se reflète dans leurs actions au quotidien.

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August 23-30 2014: A week for all the anarchist prisoners

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Call for an international mobilization


In summer 2013 members of several ABC groups discussed the necessity of introducing an International Day for Anarchist Prisoners. Given there are already established dates for Political Prisoners Rights Day or Prison Justice Day, we found it important to emphasise the stories of our comrades as well. Many imprisoned anarchists will never be acknowledged as ‘political prisoners’ by formal human-rights organisations, because their sense of social justice is strictly limited to the capitalist laws which are designed to defend the State and prevent any real social change. At the same time, even within our individual communities, we know so little about the repression that exists in other countries, to say nothing of the names and cases involving many of our incarcerated comrades.

This is why we have decided to introduce an annual Week for Anarchist Prisoners on August 23-30. We chose August 23 as a starting point, because on that very day in 1927 the Italian-American anarchists Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were executed in prison. They were convicted of murdering two men during an armed robbery at a shoe factory in South Braintree, Massachusetts, United States. Their arrest was a part of a bigger anti-radical campaign led by the American government. The State’s evidence against the two was almost totally non-existent and many people still today believe that they were punished for their strong anarchist beliefs. Given the nature and diversity of anarchist groups around the globe, we have proposed a week of common action rather than a single campaign on a specific day making easier for groups to be able to organise an event within a longer target period. Therefore, we call on everyone to spread the information about the Week for Anarchist Prisoners among other groups and communities and think about organising event(s) in your city or town. The events can vary from info-evenings, screenings and benefit concerts to solidarity and direct actions. Let your imagination run free.

Till all are free.

ABC Belarus
Brighton ABC
Bristol ABC
ABC Cardiff
ABC Czech Republic
ABC Finland
ABC Kiev
ABC Latvia
Leeds ABC
London ABC
ABC Mexico
ABC Moscow
Nizhny Novgorod antirepression group
ABC St.Petersburg

Source: Anews


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