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Anti-gentrification protesters block Google Bus to Silicon Valley

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Google riders – ‘under siege’ or ‘alien overlords’?

From: SFgate

By: Heather Knight

12.16.13 – San Francisco has always been a city of symbols. The Golden Gate Bridge, peace signs, the rainbow flag. These days, nothing seems to represent San Francisco’s tech-fueled boom times better than those giant private shuttles that drive tech workers from the city to Silicon Valley. For some city residents, the shuttles are about as welcome as a computer virus.
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From Darwin to Nazi Germany… how science has helped imperial genocide

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No, we’re not dead yet. But we ain’t gonna get into robotic, regular news coverage. We’ll bring stuff only when it means something to us, and we feel the motivation to…

Like hitting you hard with this documentary, on how we’ve been involved in the most terrible crimes against humanity; how genetic science has been -and will most probably be again- used to kill massive numbers of « undesirables » to make our nice colonial living possible:

For more up -to-date news and infos on the fight against this broken, parasitic civilization, you are encouraged to visit ALL of our external links… and those link’s links. Starting with our new addition, Warrior Publications, by anarchist Native militant and artist Gord Hill, from the unceded Native lands of the northern American West Coast.


And you thought the Fukushima nuke disaster was over?

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Actually it’s worse than ever…. so is the manipulation in the mainstream media: