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Activists plotting how to block the pipelines in B.C.

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From A Thorn in Their Side, republished from the Georgian Straight

At night, around campfires under a New Brunswick sky, Ambrose Williams thought about imminent battles back home.

Last November, the young Vancouver man and nine others travelled more than 5,000 kilometres east to the town of Rexton. Their mission was to reinforce the Mi’kmaq of the Elsipogtog First Nation who had clashed the month before with the RCMP. The confrontation happened on October 17, 2013, when heavily armed police dismantled a highway blockade by Natives opposing a gas-exploration project.
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Ongoing clash at Elsipogtog, SWN and RCMP breaks in!

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UPDATE  (Nov. 18):

Mi’kmaq claim another highway victory in ongoing battle against shale gas exploration

UPDATE (Nov. 15): 

Elsipogtog grassroots declare “victory” on the highway, while leadership aims to stop SWN in courtroom

Note: THERE IS MAINSTREAM MEDIA BLACKOUT HAPPENING RIGHT NOW OVER ELSIPOGTOG. As we publish this, highway 11 has been shut down by RCMP to prevent supporters from coming in, and SWN testing is going on, with scarce, pacifist resistance.  Anyone coming across those news and Tweets, please SPREAD THIS!

Some up-to-date Tweets (use safely):





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Parce que la liberté et de l’eau potable ça a pas de prix!

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La GRC applique brutalement une injonction sur la mauvaise route, texte traduit sur Mediacoop Montréal.

Aussi, voici une « Déclaration au sujet des informateurs, des agents provocateurs et du conflit au Nouveau-Brunswick«