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What lies beneath the surface of the Ukrainian « revolution »

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From bad to worse

We’ve been holding back from publishing on the events in Ukraine ’til now, mostly because it’s evolving fast, while readers may be following it as much as we do. But we just went across two valuable bits of info, from the past and the present, concerning the upcoming, planned land-grab of this country by Western interests.

So it Looks like the fascists of Ukraine, now pretty much in charge of the Kiev government since the putsch of Feb. 22, are standing true to their corporatist roots and especially their Western corporate sponsors…
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Does digital messianism really means « trouble in paradise »?

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 But why should I care? Why should we, the lowly proles, care about it?

Most of you have been following the poignant spectacle in the shape of a major clash of the titans taking « place » through the mainstream media. The new hacktivist elite, that gathered wind from the Edward Snowden affair, seems now to be into full recuperation mode, with « good cop » human rights activist-reporter Glenn Greenwald making a world tour with his secret stash of about 50 000 documents acquired from Edward Snowden. From this ongoing global intrigue of spies, hackers, cyber-activists, left-wing journalists and billionaire scum, it isn’t strange to feel somehow dispossessed, clueless, helpless about a battle that is raging high above in the clouds, among the lords the tech industry and the higher caste of the NSA. Or is it.

There’s now a build-up of evidence that this whole charade may be after all just a big stunt -at least from the Greenwald/Poitras side of things- as the thin layer of ice covering muddy waters that reek corporate collaboration with the NSA is starting to crack there and there.

Twitter: where only a few words says it all, and the human minds forced down the digital molds of sheepdom. Idiocracy Now!

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