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Does digital messianism really means « trouble in paradise »?

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 But why should I care? Why should we, the lowly proles, care about it?

Most of you have been following the poignant spectacle in the shape of a major clash of the titans taking « place » through the mainstream media. The new hacktivist elite, that gathered wind from the Edward Snowden affair, seems now to be into full recuperation mode, with « good cop » human rights activist-reporter Glenn Greenwald making a world tour with his secret stash of about 50 000 documents acquired from Edward Snowden. From this ongoing global intrigue of spies, hackers, cyber-activists, left-wing journalists and billionaire scum, it isn’t strange to feel somehow dispossessed, clueless, helpless about a battle that is raging high above in the clouds, among the lords the tech industry and the higher caste of the NSA. Or is it.

There’s now a build-up of evidence that this whole charade may be after all just a big stunt -at least from the Greenwald/Poitras side of things- as the thin layer of ice covering muddy waters that reek corporate collaboration with the NSA is starting to crack there and there.

Twitter: where only a few words says it all, and the human minds forced down the digital molds of sheepdom. Idiocracy Now!

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