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The « Tech Camp » of Ukraine and digital imperalism…

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Sur le « Techno-Camp » d’Ukraine et l’impérialisme par le numérique…

In support to this guy’s claims, you can get more documentation on the Tech Camp here and here. This shit’s all supported by the US government, NGOs and Microsoft.

And yeah, we know… here we have a politician, talking in an assembly of a capitalist State, about some political issue not much related to your milieu or community somewhere in the West. Don’t be scared. We didn’t post this expecting sympathy or support from readers towards Novorossya or Putin’s regime… Just to show an instance of the bold new means of mass manipulation, apparently going global now, through which uprisings and wars are created, crafted, engineered, orchestrated by those seeking to profit from these, at the expense of masses of people including you, possibly. We have reason to believe this guy wasn’t making things up, at this point and in the light of what we’ve read about the situation in Ukraine.

The many ways we’re NOT Charlie and you may as well go eat shit and die

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The Paris attack: Je ne suis pas Charlie

(Foreword: the neofascist paranoid scumbags supporting the Western and Israeli States will jump on postings like this one to accuse the critics of being part of a « fringe minority praising these attacks« . If you’ve got the mental capacity to compute the following information, you’ll realize you are part of the problem, not those who don’t follow your BS…)

As our brave sheeple in Montreal have loyally obeyed to the Tweet command lines and the orders of their local mind-laundry machines (in that case Radio-Canada, La Presse and a few others) taking their scripted reactions to the streets by the tens of thousands (on a Jan. 11th at 11 AM… how symbolic!), following the local Pig King mayor Denis Coderre, to demonstrate not their dissent but full conformity with the line of Power imposed through its media; one will ask where all this new wave of totalizing and, well, totalitarian fever will bring us all.

Found on « MarcheRepublicaine » twitter page. Note all the blue clothes, the Euro flags and the White faces sneering with discontent… also the non-White hands holding the machine guns as floodgates holding -or funneling- their southeastward march

Let’s keep in mind that the statist media, such as Le Monde, the BBC, CNN and co are all cloning themselves mutually as they’ve been « comparing notes » for years as a NATO-wide Ministry of Propaganda would have, are those very same who, everyday, have been making themselves the spokesmen for the Police and the armies in their invasive and murderous violence here and abroad, muffling and muzzling the real expression of the people, filtering and delaying important news that concern everyone (i.e. Fukushima disaster, among so many other things), producing and enforcing phony reactionary debates as the « public debate », compartmentalizing and sectioning the minds in the same style that cops thrown people into cells, brushing their memory, their sensibility, making themselves the manipulators of a « public opinion » that only exists through the very spectacle that channels it.

Here are some translated excerpts of texts from people in France who still are refusing to take part in this formalized muting of a unifying voice that recycles the « democratic diversity » to force it down the funnel of fascism…
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What lies beneath the surface of the Ukrainian « revolution »

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From bad to worse

We’ve been holding back from publishing on the events in Ukraine ’til now, mostly because it’s evolving fast, while readers may be following it as much as we do. But we just went across two valuable bits of info, from the past and the present, concerning the upcoming, planned land-grab of this country by Western interests.

So it Looks like the fascists of Ukraine, now pretty much in charge of the Kiev government since the putsch of Feb. 22, are standing true to their corporatist roots and especially their Western corporate sponsors…
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The scope of AFRICOM as a tool of recolonisation of Africa

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The startling size of US military operations in Africa


They’re involved in Algeria and Angola, Benin and Botswana, Burkina Faso and Burundi, Cameroon and the Cape Verde Islands. And that’s just the ABCs of the situation. Skip to the end of the alphabet and the story remains the same: Senegal and the Seychelles, Togo and Tunisia, Uganda and Zambia. From north to south, east to west, the Horn of Africa to the Sahel, the heart of the continent to the islands off its coasts, the US military is at work. Base construction, security cooperation engagements, training exercises, advisory deployments, special operations missions, and a growing logistics network, all undeniable evidence of expansion—except at US Africa Command.

To hear AFRICOM tell it, US military involvement on the continent ranges from the miniscule to the microscopic. The command is adamant that it has only a single « military base » in all of Africa: Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti. The head of the command insists that the US military maintains a « small footprint » on the continent. AFRICOM’s chief spokesman has consistently minimized the scope of its operations and the number of facilities it maintains or shares with host nations, asserting that only « a small presence of personnel who conduct short-duration engagements » are operating from « several locations » on the continent at any given time.
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« Death to nationalism »! Workers revolt against EUconomics in Bosnia

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Protests Across Bosnia Are A “Collective Nervous Breakdown”


Anarchists in the Bosninan Uprising, an excellent, in-depth coverage by CrimethInc

Malatesta’s blog coverage of the events, and other articles

from Balkanist

“He who sows hunger reaps anger” warned the red graffiti on a Sarajevo government building this week. The message hinted at the depth of poverty and disillusionment in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) that has driven people to join demonstrations across the divided country, where the unemployment rate is about 40 percent. Protesters have since stormed and ransacked government buildings in Tuzla, Zenica, Mostar, and in the capital city of Sarajevo, where the headquarters of the presidency was also set ablaze. Some protesters allegedly threw firecrackers and stones at police, who responded with rubber bullets and tear gas. Hundreds have been injured. On Friday, activist Darko Brkan called the protests “a collective nervous breakdown”.

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