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What lies beneath the surface of the Ukrainian « revolution »

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From bad to worse

We’ve been holding back from publishing on the events in Ukraine ’til now, mostly because it’s evolving fast, while readers may be following it as much as we do. But we just went across two valuable bits of info, from the past and the present, concerning the upcoming, planned land-grab of this country by Western interests.

So it Looks like the fascists of Ukraine, now pretty much in charge of the Kiev government since the putsch of Feb. 22, are standing true to their corporatist roots and especially their Western corporate sponsors…
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Nantes, Vinci: an hourly account of the Battle for the ZAD of February 22

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Here’s a translation -and reformatting- of a summary published by on the Feb. 22nd protest in Nantes

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Following the call for a protest on February 22 in Nantes, the Parisian collective agaisnt the Airport has organized a group transport from Paris. 

The State and its pro-airport are threatening to go back in force. They claim they will be starting, over the upcoming months, the destruction of protected species and the construction of the airport. A new wave of evictions may take place.

We won’t let them do this! Their operations will not start!

In the area, the movement is more alive than it was in the fall of 2012, the ties are stronger, the fields more cultivated and there are many more homes… Beyond this 200 local committees have been created, in solidarity with the struggle and to make it swarm back home.
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