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Breaking news: State repression of dissent adds oil to the fire of revolt!

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Italy & Netherlands: Solidarity attacks for the anarchists arrested in Bologna
Posted on April 28, 2011 by Gabriella Segata Antolini
Rovereto, Italy – Wind Mobile repeater mast set on fire in solidarity with those arrested in Bologna

informa-azione via angry news:local press 23/04/2011 – Anarchist writing on the wall, claim related to the arrests of Bologna
VOLANO (near Rovereto). “Repeaters: environmental and social harm. Solidarity with the comrades of Bologna.” The anarchist signature is written in black spray paint on the wall near the railway underpass. The Wind (cellphone) tower, which stands in the countryside of Volano was set on fire during the night. No witness, the area is isolated and uninhabited, especially in the middle of the night. The damage is beyond question, it remains to be discovered what fuel was used for priming.
Amsterdam – Fur shops and petrol pumps sabotaged in solidarity with the comrades arrersted in Bologna

informa-azione via angry news:
on the night of Sunday to Monday a group of comrades sabotage 2 fur shops and a petrol station in Amsterdam .. the fur shop got damaged by breaking the windows and sending smoke bombs inside (ALF) and the other action was made by ELF sabotaging a petrol station in solidarity with the comrades of Bologna we will not stop until everyone is free
ELF/ALF has resurrected? Well, looks like it…

Arlon, Ghlin, Antwerp, Belgium – Hundreds of cars attacked

Wednesday, May 4 2011

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1/05/2011 – Arlon – Tires of 61 cars slashed and confrontations with the cops
In Arlon the tires of 61 cars were flattened. Some cars had only holes in one tire, others had 2, 3 or 4 flat tires. The mayor as well as the Public Prosecuter indicated they have no clue to the perpetraitors neither the motives. According to some police officers the act can be the result of a control earlier in the evening. The police action in the surroundings of a bar faced resistance of a group of youngsters. Resulting in confrontations while projectiles were thrown towards the cops. Someone was arrested and the disorder continued in front of the police station. This was still going on when the first citizens came to file a complaint due to their flat tires.01/05/2011 – Ghlin – The manager of the Daihatsu AD Motors car dealership can still not believe his eyes. A fire has totally destroyed 11 vehicles in the night of Friday. The cars were parked outside, behind the showroom. The police suspect that unknown have thrown molotovs over the fences that are 3 to 4 meters high. For them it is certain that the fire was intentional. Their labo was there to search for fingerprints. « I cannot understand. Why did they do this? We don’t have any enemies, we don’t suspect anyone. We are a serious business! ». The dealership had some attempts at burglary in the past, but the alarm always did its work.

25/04/2011 – Antwerp – Hundreds of tires 4×4 flattened
Activists flatten tires of a few hundred vehicles and leave a note where they encourage to use bikes and less toxic cars, demand free public transport and an interdiction of using all terrain vehicles. At least 50 owners of this vehicle filed a complaint to the police.