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Futurecop 2025: the BRAIN Initiative

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UPDATED Anti-development of this article now gone « stable », with added links and 9% less suck!


« In the future, corporate cybernetic Neonazi zombies control your brains with photonic guns… » (from back cover of ’80s VHS box)

You can laugh it up for a while, but do not let yourselves be confused by this cheesy self-sarcastic onset. This report is actually about a dead-serious live science-horror show unfolding under our very noses.

Let’s begin with a statement of an implicit sociological consensus: as opposed to what many persist in believing hard, social control is no exact science and has never been; and the State is not almighty, even with all the schizophrenic State borders, property laws, roads, cops and prisons. Any graduate in social sciences will admit it, but we’ll save you from 30 000 – 100 000 $ in tuition fees to understand that. Though, since we live in crazy times where Malthusian determinists still run the show of science and finance and also the corporate governments, some people within the capitalist techno-industrial establishment are about to attempt to change that… Through technology.

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Return Fire #2

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Every day we’re told in a million subtle and blatant ways by the dominant culture that “our type” can’t and don’t exist. And yet we do.

Tearing up the billboards, breaking down the conditioning, deserting or undermining the battalions of work, burning out the occupying forces, claiming a stake within the wildness pulsing through the cosmos: raising the torch which illuminates these pages, from far-flung corners of the Earth. These antagonists generously shared their strength with this project as we feed our own tributary back into the churning waters that beat inexorably against a vast dam preventing our self-willed passage.

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Big Brother’s street robots to be unleashed in California?

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Apparently this is no joke…

From Russia Today

California company builds 5-foot android robocops to control crime-ridden areas

The local neighborhood watch may be beefing up its robotic arsenal if a new technology startup gets its way anytime soon.

In a bid to make local communities safer and give local law enforcement agencies more tools to fight crime, California-based Knightscope recently unveiled a line of K5 robots that it believes will predict and prevent crime with an innovative combination of hardware, software and social engagement.
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The Future of War in the Developed World

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Here’s a short text published a year ago, which turned into a much deeper collective reflection, through the comments (that I won’t post here), covering the subjects of the ongoing technocratic development to the « Coming Insurrection » in the over-developed Western world, all the weaponry and counter-weaponry in development, in a pro-tracted, still mostly imagined, and heavily-garrisoned conception of a future war already unfolding, actually nothing else than the social war fought through and out of the technologic biopower…
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