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Grigny (Essonne), France, sabotage against CCTVs brings darkness to society

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Le Parisien 27/07/2011

(pour article intégral en français, voir sur Cette semaine)

Disclaimer:  I’m not exactly posting this to promote, or even support this kind of tactic, even if these are for real, and not some twisted scare tactic used by agents of the State to justify a further spread of CCTVs in urban areas – which is fairly probable. This is to make you think about the potential and limitations of such actions, and their relevance as wider attacks against techno-industrial civilization. This also applies to other reports of actions/attacks posted on this blog. In my opinion, these folks are attacking at the wrong place -the theater of the daily life of proles- rather than the living spaces of the wealthy ruling class, this is why I keep a critical distance from what they are doing, but you be the judge…

Part of the private owners have been without public lighting from two to three weeks. The residents suspect an act of vandalism to the installation of surveillance cameras.
« There is not much to say. We are immersed in total darkness, it is appalling, » says one resident wearily. Behind him, the towers of the giant block of flats Grigny 2 can only be seen by the lights still on in some apartments. It is 22h30, and at down below some of these 104 apartments, areas Surcouf, Lavoisier, Pasteur, and Vayssiere, not one lamp is working.
While experts are trying to determine where the failure comes from, it seems that acts of vandalism associated with the installation of video surveillance in the neighbourhood are at the origin.

A vast field of 185 cameras funded by the state as part of urban renewal should indeed be officially delivered today. While the inhabitants themselves, are coping with the darkness at sunset. » It is urgent. This raises real issues of security, » says the Mayor of Grigny. Yesterday, the elected official has warned the provisional administrator of this estate under guardianship because of its debts and part of the lighting has been restored, especially in Surcouf.