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Who doesn’t dream of cyborg cockroaches!?

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So we just decided to use this to kick off of our new long-term feature Live Horror Tales from the Creep… and their Society, an experiment in gut-wrenching nihilism in the form of an online exhibition that’s got absolutely nothing to do with our bad sense of humor and cynicism, only with a desire to recirculate the trauma caused to us by real-life manifestations of this insane civilization, that we simply can’t bear without a proper response. More shocking, disgusting, terrifying horrors will follow.

But that is just the beginning…

The brilliance coming out of « our » universities these days…

From The Guardians

They lurk in dark corners, feed off crumbs, and obey the commands of humans. Years in the making, and a contender for the most revolting creation to emerge from a laboratory, the robo-roach has arrived…..

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