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April 29 call to action against reopening of Mt Polley

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Background infos on the Mount Polley disaster.

Beat the Raid(s)!

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Site anti-rep du mouvement contre les pipelines à Vancouver / Anti-rep website on political organizers against the pipelines in Vancouver



Also… Anarchist solidarity benefit concert featuring Iskra/Brocrusher – March 20th 2015
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What is Colonialism: the comic

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Warrior Publications

A four part comic by Zig Zag, originally published in Broken Pencil magazine.

Colonialism Comic 1

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Vancouver: police violently raids house over… anti-pipeline graffitis

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As posted on Warrior Publications


A series of news reports on the June 3, 2014, police raid in East Vancouver, BC, as well as a link to legal defence and communications fundraising.  Special thanks to all the comrades who have offered support and members of the public who have donated to fundraising efforts.  We will be neither silenced nor intimidated in our defence of Mother Earth!

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Mi’kmaq Warriors talk strategy for fighting this world

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Very inspiring speeches by Suzanne Patles and Coady Jipol of the Mi’kmaq society, in the light of the recent resistance struggles and the ongoing struggle for liberation of Turtle Island, how it connects to their personal life and experiences, how it made them better and stronger…

Taken from Vancouver Mediacoop

Activists plotting how to block the pipelines in B.C.

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From A Thorn in Their Side, republished from the Georgian Straight

At night, around campfires under a New Brunswick sky, Ambrose Williams thought about imminent battles back home.

Last November, the young Vancouver man and nine others travelled more than 5,000 kilometres east to the town of Rexton. Their mission was to reinforce the Mi’kmaq of the Elsipogtog First Nation who had clashed the month before with the RCMP. The confrontation happened on October 17, 2013, when heavily armed police dismantled a highway blockade by Natives opposing a gas-exploration project.
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