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11-14 juin: Les osties de crosseurs se rassemblent

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Les laisserez-vous comploter contre nous tous-tes?

Alors que la CLASSE tout comme les médias de masse concentrent leur attention sur les batailles de rue et les arrestations ciblées lors du Grand Prix , un sacré gros meeting de capitalistes de classe mondiale est en train de se dérouler à Montréal… serez-vous de la partie?

Du 11 au 14 juin, Montréal sera l’hôte de la Conférence de Montréal sur le Forum économique international des Amériques. Organisé par la famille la plus puissante du Canada, la famille Desmarais et Power Corporation, ainsi que plusieurs autres élites, la conférence réunira près de 150 conférenciers de partout a travers le monde, représentant les banquiers, industriels, dirigeants d’entreprise, politiciens, recteurs universitaires, des fondateurs d’organisations internationales, et également la sommité des médias.. Il devrait y avoir environ 3000 participants et invités.

Cette année, «l’invité spécial » est Alan Greenspan, ancien président de la Réserve Fédérale et en grande partie responsable de la crise économique mondiale. Les participants encouragent la mondialisation, le capitalisme, le néolibéralisme, la privatisation et l’austérité. Jean Charest a parlé sa plusieurs reprises a cette Conférence, en proclamant l’engagement du Québec dans la mondialisation.

La Conférence de Montréal / Forum économique international des Amériques.

Parmi les «sujets» qui seront discuter à la réunion de cette année:

– La crise financière et son impact sur l’économie mondiale

– Le commerce international, et en particulier l’avenir des Amériques et l’Union économique européenne ainsi que l’accord Canada-Union européenne du commerce de l’Union … un certain nombre de dirigeants d’entreprises canadiennes et européennes auront l’occasion de rencontrer lors de la Conférence de Montréal de 2012 pour former des liens d’affaires pour ce nouvel espace économique important – Le développement et l’extraction des ressources naturelles


From June 11-14, Montreal will host the Conference of Montreal/International Economic Forum of the Americas. Organized by Canada’s most powerful family, the Desmarais family, and Power Corporation, along with several other elites, the Conference will bring in roughly 150 speakers from around the world, representing bankers, industrialists, corporate executives, politicians, university heads, foundation officials, leaders of international organizations, and media barons. It draws roughly 3,000 participants/guests.

This year’s « special guest speaker » is Alan Greenspan, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve System, and largely responsible for the global economic crisis. The participants promote globalization, capitalism, neoliberalism, privatization, and austerity. Jean Charest has spoken at the Conference several times, proclaiming Quebec’s « commitment » to globalization.

The Conférence de Montréal/International Economic Forum of the Americas

Among the « Issues » being discussed at this year’s meeting:

– The financial crisis and its impact on the world economy

– International trade, and in particular the new Americas-European Union economic space, including the Canada-European Union trade agreement… a number of executives from Canadian and European companies will take the opportunity to meet at the 2012 Conference of Montreal to form new business ties for this new and important economic space

– Developing and extracting natural resources

List of Speakers here:

The Forum’s « Partners » Include:

– Power Corporation

– Royal Bank of Canada

– Rio Tinto Alcan

– Total

– GDF Suez

– SNC Lavalin

– the Government of Canada

– the Government of Québec (no money for students, but money to support a Conference hosted by billionaires)

The Board of Governors of the International Economic Forum of the Americas includes:

– Paul Desmarais Jr. – Co-CEO of Power Corporation

– Perrin Beatty

– Chairman and CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce

– Hélène Desmarais – Chair of the Board of Directors, HEC Montréal, member of the board of the C.D. Howe Institute, Vice-President of the Board of Directors and member of the Executive Committee of the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal, and a member of the Board of directors of The Montreal Economic Institute

– Pascal Lamy – Director-General of the World Trade Organization (WTO)

– John Manley – President and CEO of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives (CCCE), a business interest group made up of Canada’s top 150 CEOs

– Heather Munroe-Blum – Principal and Vice Chancellor of McGill University, member of the board of directors of the Royal Bank of Canada

Trouvé sur le Calendrier de la CLASSE

« Et félicitations à toute l’équipe de la CLASSE pour se l’être fermée au sujet de ce forum économique, alors que vos portes-paroles font encore dans l’argumentation budgétaire et que vos pages Twitters servent maintenant à poster les jokes de Gilbert Rozon, les enièmes indignations de « nos intellectuels » et les rabais pour grévistes dans les pharmacies Jean Coutu. Sans vos efforts calculés de mouillage de pétards, la grève deviendrait pas mal trop dangereuse pour nous les gros capitalistes! »

– Paul Desmarais

Montreal, April 20th: from student strike to class war?

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A brief insider’s report on the April 20th Plan Nord protest

This was overall a great day of fighting, even though it wasn’t all victorious. From the very first moments, it could be felt that we were set to totally seize the day, and this was showing in black blocs serenely chanting and joking as they were dressing/gearing up. The Native spirit of the Earth was in us; harmonious, even in our drive towards disorder.

All thanks to the incompetence of Montreal’s fascist police force (only efficient at ganging up on individual street people) and the careless, mindless nihilo-capitalism of the political establishment, this April 20th’s protest against the corporate Plan Nord, a huge development plan aiming at robbing and raping roughly 70% of the Great North’s wilderness -through mining and hydroelectric development, mainly- has turned into the havoc that tons of student strikers and radicals alike were waiting for, deep inside.

(As a side note, the protest was also doubled with an attempt at an action against a speech by the white supremacist Minister of Immigration Jason Kinney at the Marriott Hotel, in his defense of the new Bill C-31, aimed at further restricting the possibility for refugees, especially Roma, at gaining a political refugee status. As thousands of Roma are currently being targeted by racist pogroms and labor camps under Hungary’s neonazi regime, this is a direct equivalent to the restrictive immigration policies of most Western democracies during World War 2, which facilitated the Holocaust.)

Sabotaging and street-fighting among what it’s been a high-place of urban gentrification and pacification, the protesters of many different allegiances stormed the streets together and turned the opening of the Plan Nord conference at the Palais des Congrès into a microcosm of the ongoing class war, up against capitalism’s biggest, most violent push towards a new wave of colonization of Turtle Island’s land. This indicated how  widespread and strong the awareness and opposition to corporate industrial development has grown

Shit finally hits the fan

Outside, battles have taken place between Police forces and rioters, successively going back and forth, where protesters made and extensive use of the (in)famous black bloc tactic of the « disperse and regroup later », thus creating a tense fight and machine of mass destruction of order for the whole afternoon. It started with the total destruction of one of the main entrances of the Palais, by massive paint-bombing and throwing of rocks, where the police took cover for a while, same place where they’d first started the fight by shooting a protester right in the face with a CS canister gun.

In the meantime, some protesters were able to slip inside the gigantic, futuristic, bleached out, building of the Palais to get near the place where the conference was happening, but were pushed back at the last minute by riot cops. The battle inside and outside has succeeded to delay PM Jean Charest’s speech for about 45 minutes and he was forced to skip the promo photo shots at the beginning.

Then as the fights spread, fronts of many offices and businesses for the rich elite in the area were rampaged, including the World Trade Center building, with its facade being successively spray-painted (a red « A » was sprayed right on the « W » logo at the main entrance, with « Plan Mort » next to it) and then windows-smashed. Gloating aside, there were several arrests (authorities report only a dozen, while student/activist orgs are reporting a few dozens), a few protesters got shot with tear gas cannons  and beaten by goons, but a few cops were also injured in the scuffles, that turned at some point into a storm of thrown rocks, pieces of pavement and whatever was found relevant to be thrown at the violent, yet scared police.

In the face of the savage fury -first verbal and then more physical- of many protesters, the disorganization of the police troops grew rampant, while generalized fear could be clearly observed among their ranks, especially as different swarms of protesters were smashing order at many places at the same time. They were not just suddenly overwhelmed, but losing their faces as the « scarecrows », especially into people’s minds, just as more and more ordinary pedestrians were massing around and being treated just like the rest of the protesters. About the same kind of people to whom these corporate promoters/profiteers inside were trying to hand out a big, empty, carrot of promises, the increasingly frustrated proletariat was now being imposed the primitive, repressive, mind-warped argument of the stick. But so it seems, there are more and more people not buying into this one.

Attack on the World Trade Center: this time it wasn't a false flag, but a black flag!

Strangely, as the street battle was still unfolding between the walls of the financial center of downtown, screams and flash grenades being muffled out by the ordinary traffic noise, non-life was still relatively flowing as usual elsewhere in the area, with only the helicopters from the provincial police preying above like vultures as a faint signal of « something big » happening somewhere, added by the war-like radio reports of total mayhem happening at the Palais des Congrès… stuff that only proles would dream of in their wildest dreams. Perhaps they’re just waiting for a bunch of black blocs to show up and show them the way to liberation from their slavery?

There is another day of protest today against the Salon du Plan Nord, and huge (symbolic?) marches are set to be held, tomorrow, for Earth Day, so more updates may be flowing in soon, here and elsewhere. For live video coverage of the events, like the other student protests, have a look at CUTV Montreal.

For the liberation of the Earth… in the streets!

translated from an insider’s report

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