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Grigny (Essonne), France, sabotage against CCTVs brings darkness to society

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Le Parisien 27/07/2011

(pour article intégral en français, voir sur Cette semaine)

Disclaimer:  I’m not exactly posting this to promote, or even support this kind of tactic, even if these are for real, and not some twisted scare tactic used by agents of the State to justify a further spread of CCTVs in urban areas – which is fairly probable. This is to make you think about the potential and limitations of such actions, and their relevance as wider attacks against techno-industrial civilization. This also applies to other reports of actions/attacks posted on this blog. In my opinion, these folks are attacking at the wrong place -the theater of the daily life of proles- rather than the living spaces of the wealthy ruling class, this is why I keep a critical distance from what they are doing, but you be the judge…

Part of the private owners have been without public lighting from two to three weeks. The residents suspect an act of vandalism to the installation of surveillance cameras.
« There is not much to say. We are immersed in total darkness, it is appalling, » says one resident wearily. Behind him, the towers of the giant block of flats Grigny 2 can only be seen by the lights still on in some apartments. It is 22h30, and at down below some of these 104 apartments, areas Surcouf, Lavoisier, Pasteur, and Vayssiere, not one lamp is working.
While experts are trying to determine where the failure comes from, it seems that acts of vandalism associated with the installation of video surveillance in the neighbourhood are at the origin.

A vast field of 185 cameras funded by the state as part of urban renewal should indeed be officially delivered today. While the inhabitants themselves, are coping with the darkness at sunset. » It is urgent. This raises real issues of security, » says the Mayor of Grigny. Yesterday, the elected official has warned the provisional administrator of this estate under guardianship because of its debts and part of the lighting has been restored, especially in Surcouf.


This is What Solidarity Looks Like!

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A few reports on the ongoing global wave of attacks against development, in solidarity with the Asheville prisoners, Marie Mason and Eric McDavid -who both were condemned for 20 years in jail over property destruction- and the other political prisoners who fell in the hands of Democracy’s State repression

Communique from vivalaanarquia, translated by war on society:

This past 11th of June a fire was started on the side of a church
which was under construction; we climbed the wall with mats in order to
reach the entire wooden frame, instead of climbing the wall and going
inside, we proceeded to leave plastic bottles filled with gasoline on
which a sticker was placed, (alluding to the comrade fallen in combat,
Mauricio Morales); and an additional amount [of gasoline] was splashed
across the fence. Moments before climbing the walls again, we set fire
and showered leaflets in solidarity to the eco-anarchist comrades Marie Mason and Eric McDavid; it was the same place where days before we painted slogans, while we were making an inspection of the area.

By way of this action we express solidarity with those who, like
many other prisoners of the social war in the world, do not give up in
this struggle; through this form we also show that our solidarity
continues and will continue to be a weapon against the whole system of
domination, and that those on the inside are not alone.

We do not surrender, we continue onward, we know that with
intentions we do not change anything, but only with actions. Seek to
live anarchy!

For fear to not destroy solidarity… for solidarity to destroy confinement!

Against the prisons of Capital!

Freedom to the accused of the “Bombs Case”!


Circle of Iconoclastic Action / Informal Anarchist Federation (I.A.F.)

June 13th:

The Black E.L.F. hydra, out of its lair

325 received the following communique from Earth Liberation Front Russia – Informal Anarchist Federation / International Network of Action & Solidarity, about a series of attacks in conjunction with the 11th June International Day of Solidarity with Marie Mason, Eric McDavid and Long-term Anarchist Prisoners. Strength and force to all those imprisoned for their ideas, words and actions of resistance – We will never forget our prisoners of war. For a global insurrectional network based on revolutionary solidarity, direct action and subversion:

Solidarity with Marie Mason and Eric McDavid – ELF actions in Moscow region of Russia

“For me solidarity is a constant proposal to struggle, is the continuation and the development of the revolutionary action for which the comrade was captured” – Gerasimos Tsakalos, Conspiracy of Cells of Fire

01.06 we torched electrical measuring and control devices in 2 underground service booths of a water communication system that brings hot water to a military intelligence site in Butovskiy forest. To add to the fact that this infrastructure serves military personnel, more than 800 trees were cut during earthworks for this water supply line to even appear in the forest. To hamper service brigades further, we also spiked the road they use for maintaining the system.

05.06 we torched an excavator at a highway construction site west of Moscow (Volokolamsk direction).

06.06 and 10.06 we expropriated some construction equipment and destroyed geologists’ measurement posts in the glades of Butovskiy forest.

11.06 we broke into yet another underground service booth and put to fire all the digital and analog devices and tools inside.

We dedicate these attacks to Marie Mason and Eric McDavid. We don’t have the honour of personal acquaintance with them, but their dedication to protecting our Planet and conscious choices they’ve made not only to act, but also to stand their ground in the wake of state repressions, inspire us and help us to continue on our path.

For Earth Liberation! For Human Liberation!

– ELF-Russia, Informal Anarchist Federation/International Network of Action and Solidarity

Olympia, WA: Logging equipment sabotaged

from pugetsoundanarchists:

Sometime in the morning hours of June 11th a piece of logging equipment somewhere around Olympia Washington was sabotaged. All that was needed was quickset cement, a bottle of saltwater, and a large pipe. This piece of machinery was being used to clear-cut a piece of land to make way for a small development, and will not be running anytime soon unless thousands of dollars are put into repairing the machine. This action was done in solidarity with Eric McDavid, Marie Mason and all non-cooperating green scare prisoners. Solidarity to all anarchist prisoners!

Olympia, WA: Triway Enterprises Targeted

Posted on June 13, 2011 by Gabriella Segata Antolini

from pugetsoundanarchists:

On Saturday June 11th the development company Triway Enterprises, located in Olympia Washington, had its door and façade covered in paint and corrosive material splattered on its windows. This was done because Triway, like nearly every other development company, attempts to pass of their destruction of the land as “green” and “sustainable”. As has been said before “eco-mansions” are not sustainable and never will be, and development companies will always be met with resistance. This act goes out to Eric McDavid and Marie Mason, two long-term, non-cooperating, green scare, anarchist prisoners.

Last night in honor of June 11, a luxury SUV parked in a rich area of Seattle had the majority of its windows ruined and the words « Yuppie Scum » spraypainted on the exterior. This was done in the tradition of struggle in the Northwest against all those who wish to destory the earth. In solidarity with Sadie, Exile, Marie Mason, Eric McDavid, Grant Barnes, and all other eco prisoners including those who live semi-free in clandestiny. Dedicated to the memory of Avalon!

In the early hours of June 11, an architecture office (once responsible for the design of the now defunt Point Ruston yuppie development) had paint thrown all over its sign and anti-development slogan written on the wall. A bank nearby had windows covered in paint. These are small gestures of solidarity with those eco-anarchists still locked up in prisons across the country as well as those who are still facing trials and those who are currently on the run. Against all prisons and the prison society that keeps humanity and the earth in chains.

Sat, 06/11/2011 – 12:49pm — Anonymous

Last night in honor of June 11, a luxury SUV parked in a rich area of Seattle had the majority of its windows ruined and the words « Yuppie Scum » spraypainted on the exterior. This was done in the tradition of struggle in the Northwest against all those who wish to destory the earth. In solidarity with Sadie, Exile, Marie Mason, Eric McDavid, Grant Barnes, and all other eco prisoners including those who live semi-free in clandestiny. Dedicated to the memory of Avalon!

To the State and its defenders/profiteers: you fuck with our friend’s lives, we fuck with your system!

June 11 Day of Solidarity with the Anarchist prisoners

Asheville Radio coverage on June 11th

Direct link to afm-final-straw-05292011.mp3 , on the « Green Scare » and the last stand for the Earth.