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(California) Albany Bulb has been evicted, Elliot needs support

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An update on the situation

From Share the Bulb

On the evening of may 27 a Bulb supporter was  arrested while biking in the city of Albany and remains in custody. Their next hearing is Monday morning…

From Anews

Friend and comrade Elliot was arrested Thursday evening as he left the Albany Bulb, located near Berkeley CA in the east bay area of California. Elliot is a longtime organizer and has been involved in a variety of struggles and campaigns. Recently, Elliot, along with others, have been working with residents of the Albany Bulb, a squattter encampment that is been under attack from the police and local government. Learn more at

Elliot’s capture comes in the wake of the arrest of two of the last bulb residents and the destruction of their house, as well as the arrest of two other Bulb supporters. Elliot is being hit with multiple trumped up charges, including possessing tools to escape from jail and possession of weapons, both felonies, as well as two misdemeanors. His bail is set at $65,000, which means that we need $6,500 to bond him.

Please support!

On the Morning of May 29 at 4 AM the camp at the Albany Bulb was raided by about 20 police officers from Albany PD, Berkeley PD, and the Alameda County Sheriffs department. They arrested, cited, and released the 2 remaining residents Amber and Phyl, as well as one supporter. They also demolished most of their camp and took the tent of the solidarity emcampment. Their dogs were taken into custody and many possessions were seized by the police. All 3 are safe and out of jail now.

This is not the end of our fight.

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