Return Fire #2


Every day we’re told in a million subtle and blatant ways by the dominant culture that “our type” can’t and don’t exist. And yet we do.

Tearing up the billboards, breaking down the conditioning, deserting or undermining the battalions of work, burning out the occupying forces, claiming a stake within the wildness pulsing through the cosmos: raising the torch which illuminates these pages, from far-flung corners of the Earth. These antagonists generously shared their strength with this project as we feed our own tributary back into the churning waters that beat inexorably against a vast dam preventing our self-willed passage.

This zine is for them, and for us. Not because we believe we’ll all meet one day on the barricades, but for a whole constellation of barricades thrown up autonomously and unpredictably by irreducible individuals as they grow firm by making war uniquely on everything  constraining  them. This  publishing  project  is  harbour  to  all such  desires  and  more. 

Take  what  excites and  incites  you,  compost  the rest,  and  etch  your  own stories  into  the  fabric  of daily  life  by  tooth  and  nail. Don’t  wait  to  be  further provoked:

Return  Fire.

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