Blood Red Like Canada – Rouge sang comme le Canada

In the series Live Horror Tales From the Creep… And Their Society! (LHTFTCATS!)

Just as every Spring in Canada, there’s an onslaught of about 500 000 seals being brutally killed, butchered… and commodified. The massive is happening where no one is watching… almost…

Butchers leaving a crime scene with impunity

From the Dailyfail

The blood of hundreds of baby seals has stained the pristine white snow of Canada’s ice floes as the world’s largest annual marine mammal slaughter begins.

Horrifying images taken only yesterday show seals being shot and wounded before they are dragged onto a vessel – where they clubbed to death for their fur.

Photographs of this year’s commercial hunt off the coast of Newfoundland were captured by animal rights charity Humane Society International (HSI) who say the baby animals ‘are dying a violent death for fur products that nobody is buying’…

Socialisme et/ou barbarie

The disturbing images show the animals thrashing in pain as they are pulled across the blood-stained snow while others are seen impaled on the boat’s deck.

HSI’s executive director Rebecca Aldworth said: ‘This is the 17th year that I have witnessed the seal slaughter. The suffering I have seen is impossible to forget. If the killing happened in view of the public, it would have been shut down decades ago. But it occurs far offshore.

‘We saw one baby seal clearly raise her head from the massive pool of blood she lay in. Another was shot and thrashed on the ice only to slip into the blood-slicked water. 

‘It is reprehensible that these baby seals are being killed with government financing, even as the largest seal processor in Canada admits to warehousing a stockpile of seal fur.’

The Newfoundland government has authorised the killing of up to 468,000 harp, hooded and grey seals, according to HSI. They claim the seals – many of which are just a few weeks old – are shot, clubbed and skinned for their fur despite a decreasing global demand for them.

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