Who doesn’t dream of cyborg cockroaches!?

So we just decided to use this to kick off of our new long-term feature Live Horror Tales from the Creep… and their Society, an experiment in gut-wrenching nihilism in the form of an online exhibition that’s got absolutely nothing to do with our bad sense of humor and cynicism, only with a desire to recirculate the trauma caused to us by real-life manifestations of this insane civilization, that we simply can’t bear without a proper response. More shocking, disgusting, terrifying horrors will follow.

But that is just the beginning…

The brilliance coming out of « our » universities these days…

From The Guardians

They lurk in dark corners, feed off crumbs, and obey the commands of humans. Years in the making, and a contender for the most revolting creation to emerge from a laboratory, the robo-roach has arrived…..

A similar or exact same project was funded through a Kickstarter page, where you can see the mugs of those mindless geeks who just profiled themselves in all their pride, and scientific sense of heroism. Tim and Greg, the mad scientists behind this monstrosity, actually « believe the benefits outweigh the cost due to the inaccessibility of neuroscience in our current age« . As you may know, today’s scientific world is called « get paid to be a sick fuck who enjoys butchering, vivisecting and exploiting living beings like dummies ».

So people in Texas, you know who to pay a visit…


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