Line 9 blockade: injunction and three resisters detained… Need support!


Dam Line 9 blockaders who were on their sixth day of occupying a Line 9 construction site were served an injunction around noon today. Most blockaders left the site, while two locked down to barrels to show their commitment to stopping Line 9 and tar sands expansion. Three people stayed on site to play support roles. Two were told they would not be arrested and yet all three were arrested an hour ago. Cops took away their food, blankets, and all other materials needed to stay safe while locked down. They were only left with a water each.

The three support people have now been taken to Brant County Jail in Paris, Ontario. If you are in the ares, please visit the jail to show support: 28 Mechanic St, Paris, M3L 1K2.

If you are unable to go to the jail, please consider making a donation online to help with legal fees:

Two individuals are still locked down. Cops gave them the option to unlock themselves but they refused in order to continue stopping work on the dangerous pipeline and resisting against the tar sands mega project. It may be another five hours before a team arrives to break the lockdown.

« We will not be deterred, stop Line 9! » one blockader said while being arrested. »

Solidarity with International Prisoners’ Justice Day!

From Dam Line 9

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