Coca-Cola Christmas tree set on fire in Mexico City


from Earth First! Newswire

On December 13, anarchists threw molotov cocktails at a Coca-Cola sponsored Christmas Tree on Mexico City’s Paseo de la Reforma.

The torching was seen as an act of protest against privatization, and came on the same day as the Mexico City Metro raised fares from 3 to 5 pesos, with the intention of raising it 67-per cent by 2014 to make it among the  most expensive metro systems in the world.

In another protest, thousands of demonstrators jumped turnstiles in an action called #PosMeSalto, and many took to the streets.

The legacy of anarchism in Mexico goes back to land-based revolutionary struggle with the leadership of Magon and Zapata. Although anarchism in Mexico is famously linked to the the Zapatistas’ fight to defend indigenous autonomy in Southern Mexico, anarchist and insurrectionary groups like the ELF and ALF have become very active in urban areas.

Dead trees deserve proper use.

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