A cry from a distant past, aimed at the future…

…the timeless lords of anarchopunk and crust have returned last month, after 24 years of silence, in perfect synch with the ongoing global insurrection

Amebix are the true spirit of rebellion.

I dedicate this vid to all the anarchists fighters who fell in the hands of democracy’s prison system…

…and in rememberance of Carlo Giuliani, who, exactly 10 years ago (on July 21st), fell under the murderous violence of an undercover fascist thug and the horrible disregard by the Carabinieri, during the anti-G10 protest in Genoa. The despots and the cowards will fall with the State that they serve, and let’s always more defend our friends, allies and comrades who fall into their hands so that such tragedy will not happen again.

(more info on Carlo)

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